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Visible-light-mediated cascade cyanoalkylsulfonylation/cyclization of alkynoates leading to coumarins via SO2 insertion.

The visible-light-induced acylation/cyclization of alkynoates with acyl oximes for the construction of 3-acylcoumarins.

Recent Advance in Iminyl Radical Triggered C–H and C–C Bond Functionalization of Oxime Esters via 1,5-HAT and β-Carbon Scission

Molecular iodine enabled generation of iminyl radicals from oximes: A facile route to imidazo[1,2-a]pyridines and its regioselective C-3 sulfenylated products from simple pyridines

One-Pot Synthesis of Primary and Secondary Aliphatic Amines via Mild and Selective sp3 C-H Imination.

Visible Light Driven and Copper-Catalyzed C(sp3)-H Functionalization of O-Pentafluorobenzoyl Ketone Oximes.

Photocatalytic cross-couplings via the cleavage of N-O bonds.

Photocatalytic Anti-Markovnikov Radical Hydro- and Aminooxygenation of Unactivated Alkenes Tuned by Ketoxime Carbonates.

Iminyl-radicals by electrochemical decarboxylation of α-imino-oxy acids: construction of indole-fused polycyclics.

Visible-Light Photoredox Catalyzed Double C-H Functionalization: Radical Cascade Cyclization of Ethers with Benzimidazole-Based Cyanamides.

Photoredox-catalyzed synthesis of N-unsubstituted enaminosulfones from vinyl azides and sulfinates

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Iminyl Radical 이미닐 라디칼

Iminyl Radical 이미닐 라디칼
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