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Images Corrupted sentence examples within Restoring Images Corrupted

A hybrid regularizers model for multiplicative noise removal

Mixed distortion image enhancement method based on joint of deep residuals learning and reinforcement learning

Images Corrupted sentence examples within Noisy Images Corrupted

A Global Variational Filter for Restoring Noised Images with Gamma Multiplicative Noise

Piecewise constant signal and image denoising using a selective averaging method with multiple neighbors

Images Corrupted sentence examples within Denoising Images Corrupted

Second-order total generalized variation based model for restoring images with mixed Poisson — Gaussian noise

Enhancing Patch-Based Methods with Inter-Frame Connectivity for Denoising Multi-Frame Images

Images Corrupted sentence examples within Recovering Images Corrupted

Primal-Dual Method for Hybrid Regularizers-Based Image Restoration with Impulse Noise

Dense Scene Information Estimation Network for Dehazing

Images Corrupted sentence examples within Color Images Corrupted

Progressive Retinex: Mutually Reinforced Illumination-Noise Perception Network for Low-Light Image Enhancement

Noise-robust color edge detection using anisotropic morphological directional derivative matrix

Images Corrupted sentence examples within Segmenting Images Corrupted

Segmentation of white matter, grey matter and cerebrospinal fluid from brain MR images using a modified FCM based on double estimation

Variational Image Restoration and Segmentation with Rician Noise

Images Corrupted sentence examples within Restore Images Corrupted

Removing Stripes, Scratches, and Curtaining with Non-Recoverable Compressed Sensing

Enhancement of a CNN-Based Denoiser Based on Spatial and Spectral Analysis

Images Corrupted sentence examples within Denoise Images Corrupted

Diffusion-Driven Image Denoising Model with Texture Preservation Capabilities

Denoising images corrupted with impulse, Gaussian, or a mixture of impulse and Gaussian noise

Images Corrupted sentence examples within Mr Images Corrupted

An unsupervised orthogonal rotation invariant moment based fuzzy C-means approach for the segmentation of brain magnetic resonance images

Sparse MR Image Reconstruction Considering Rician Noise Models: A CNN Approach

Evaluation of quality measures for color quantization

Novel variational technique for mixed Poisson-Gaussian noise filtering

Performance Analysis of Speckle Reduction Filtering algorithms in B-Mode Ultrasound Images

Alternatives to the EM algorithm for ML estimation of location, scatter matrix, and degree of freedom of the Student t distribution

Directional TGV-Based Image Restoration under Poisson Noise

A Modified Adaptive Hysteresis Smoothing Approach for Image Denoising Based on Spatial Domain Redundancy

Image superpixel segmentation based on hierarchical multi-level LI-SLIC

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Decision-making on image denoising expedience

An Efficient Blind Image Deblurring Using a Smoothing Function

Mixed Noise Removal Framework Using a Nonlinear Fourth-Order PDE-Based Model

Non-Local Directional-Guided Filter for Impulse-Gaussian Mixed Noise Image Denoising

Biometric Palmprint Verification: A Dynamical System Approach

Distorted Image Reconstruction Method with Trimmed Median

FPGA Implementation of Directional Peer-Group Image Filter

Alternatives to the EM Algorithm for ML-Estimation of Location, Scatter Matrix and Degree of Freedom of the Student-$t$ Distribution

Nonconvex Low Rank Approximation With Phase Congruency Regularization for Mixed Noise Removal

Multivariate Myriad Filters Based on Parameter Estimation of Student-t Distributions

Detail-preserving switching algorithm for the removal of random-valued impulse noise

Mathematical Analysis of Image Information Retained in the Complex Domain Phases Under Additive and Multiplicative Noise

A Shape-Aware Structure-Preserving Texture Smoothing Algorithm

An Efficient Algorithm for Reconstruction Images Corrupted by Some Multiplicative Noises

Nonconvex TGV regularization model for multiplicative noise removal with spatially varying parameters

Impulse Noise Classification Using Machine Learning Classifier and Robust Statistical Features

Image denoising in impulsive noise via weighted Schatten p-norm regularization

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Images Corrupted 손상된 이미지

Images Corrupted 손상된 이미지
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