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Image Scale sentence examples within sexual function index

Labia Minora Surgery in the Adolescent Population: A Cross-Sectional Satisfaction Study.

Effects of water pilates on urinary loss, genital self-image and sexual function of elderly women

Image Scale sentence examples within genital self image

Egyptian female genital “norm” and female genital self-image

Nerve sparing feminizing genitoplasty with corporal septum excision in non-classic congenital adrenal hyperplasia

Image Scale sentence examples within Body Image Scale

Investigation of body image perception, self-esteem, and self-confidence in female-to-male transsexuals before and after sex reassignment surgery.

Cutaneous body image in psoriasis: The role of attachment style and alexithymia

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Image Scale sentence examples within Facial Image Scale

Investigation of The Effectiveness of Using Virtual Reality as A Distraction Technique in Children During Local Anesthesia Injection For Extraction of Primary Mandibular Molars

Terapi Bermain Congklak Dapat Menurunkan Kecemasan Anak Selama Hospitalisasi

Image Scale sentence examples within Different Image Scale

Multi-Scale Ensemble Learning for Thermal Image Enhancement

Multi-scale fully convolutional neural networks for histopathology image segmentation: from nuclear aberrations to the global tissue architecture

Image Scale sentence examples within Original Image Scale

Object-level change detection with a dual correlation attention-guided detector

Scale-free heterogeneous cycleGAN for defogging from a single image for autonomous driving in fog

Image Scale sentence examples within Multiple Image Scale

A Study of Multi-Task and Region-Wise Deep Learning for Food Ingredient Recognition

[Progress in filters for denoising cryo-electron microscopy images].

Image Scale sentence examples within Include Image Scale

Multi-Scale HARRIS-PIIFD Features for Registration of Visible and Infrared Images

Multi-Scale PIIFD for Registration of Multi-Source Remote Sensing Images

Image Scale sentence examples within image scale questionnaire

A Randomized Trial of Robotic Mastectomy versus Open Surgery in Women With Breast Cancer or BRCA Mutation.

Comparison between Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation with multicatheter interstitial brachytherapy and Whole Breast Irradiation, in clinical practice

Comparison of Satellite Driven Surface Energy Balance Models in Estimating Crop Evapotranspiration in Semi-Arid to Arid Inter-Mountain Region

Convolutional neural networks for satellite remote sensing at coarse resolution. Application for the SST retrieval using IASI

Automatic vertebrae recognition from arbitrary spine MRI images by a category-Consistent self-calibration detection framework

A Multiscale Method for Road Network Extraction from High-Resolution SAR Images Based on Directional Decomposition and Regional Quality Evaluation

Development and Validation of IBSA Photographic Scale for the Assessment of Neck Laxity

Automatic Segmentation and Measurement of Infantile Hemangioma

Recognition Insect Images at the Order Level Based on Elliptic Metric Learning

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QS7: Does Genital Self-image Correspond With Sexual Health Before And After Vaginoplasty

Fast processing of underwater polarization imaging based on optical correlation.

Stable Topological Summaries for Analyzing the Organization of Cells in a Packed Tissue

Onboard Multi-Scale Tile Classification for Satellites and Other Spacecraft

Keypoint detection by wave propagation

Classifying Disease in Fruit using Machine Learning

Factors influencing stress, anxiety, and depression among Iranian pregnant women: the role of sexual distress and genital self-image

360 Genital Fat Transfer

Deep Consensus Network: Aggregating predictions to improve object detection in microscopy images

A Preliminary Investigation of the Effect of Ethical Labeling and Moral Self-Image on the Expected and Perceived Flavor and Aroma of Beer

Deep learning based UAV type classification

First Order Locally Orderless Registration

Theoretical versus empirical measures of retinal magnification for scaling AOSLO images.

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Image Scale 이미지 스케일

Image Scale 이미지 스케일
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