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COVID-19 Pandemic and Agroecosystem Resilience: Early Insights for Building Better Futures

An analysis of the illegal bear trade in India

Implementation gaps in forest management prescriptions and noncompliance in forest regulations in Ghana: Case study of four forest reserves

Ethno-botanical studies of some threatened medicinal plants and local perception of its population decline in Kargil, Ladakh UT

Management Models of the Manila Clam (Ruditapes philippinarum) Fisheries in Invaded European Coastal Systems

Can radical innovation mitigate environmental and animal welfare misconduct in global value chains? The case of cell-based tuna

Problematic issues of criminal prosecution for the illegal extraction of mineral resources

Building Ecological Citizenship Through Students Engagement in ‘Green Youth’ Community in Wonosalam Jombang

The international experience of damages valuation criteria application for measuring losses through intellectual property illegal exploitation

The Unsustainable Use of Sand: Reporting on a Global Problem

Information-Sharing Pattern in Eradication of International Drugs Network through the Sea in Indonesia

Worldwide Abalone Production Statistics

A national survey of household pet lemur ownership in Madagascar

Factors associated with illegal fishing and fisher attitudes toward sturgeon conservation in the southern Caspian Sea

Influence of ecological protection on the corporate image of oil and gas firms in Nigeria

Anthropogenic Disturbances Eroding the Genetic Diversity of a Threatened Palm Tree: A Multiscale Approach

Remedies for Elder Abuse Victim under Islamic Family Law in Malaysia

Agroclimatic Zoning for the Palm Euterpe edulis M. in São Paulo State, Brazil

Mental health issues among indigenous communities and the role of traditional medicine

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Illegal Exploitation 불법 착취

Illegal Exploitation 불법 착취
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