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Ignition System sentence examples within Chamber Ignition System

Combining in-cylinder pressure and 1D simulation tools to understand the combustion characteristics of natural gas in pre-chamber ignition systems for energy generation

CFD-guided development of a pre-chamber ignition system for internal combustion engines

Ignition System sentence examples within Plasma Ignition System

Predictive modeling of oscillating plasma energy release for clean combustion engines

Pilot-Scale Experiences on a Plasma Ignition System for Pulverized Fuels

Ignition System sentence examples within Laser Ignition System

CFR Octane Rating Unit Engine and Dacia Single Cylinder SI Engine with Classical Spark Plug and Laser Ignition: Comparative Findings

On the improvement by laser ignition of the performances of a passenger car gasoline engine.

Ignition System sentence examples within Spark Ignition System


Effect of discharge current boost on ignition and combustion under cross flow conditions

Ignition System sentence examples within Engine Ignition System

Infrared borescopic characterization of corona and conventional ignition for lean/dilute combustion in heavy-duty natural-gas engines

Development of a Technology Solution for Cooling of Milk by Biogas in Farms

Ignition System sentence examples within Prechamber Ignition System

Lambda load control in spark ignition engines, a new application of prechamber ignition systems

Effect of fuel property on the ignition and combustion characteristics of prechamber ignition

Ignition System sentence examples within Inductive Ignition System

Influence of spark discharge characteristics on ignition and combustion process and the lean operation limit in a spark ignition engine

Spark-induced breakdown spectroscopy for fuel-air equivalence ratio measurements at internal combustion engine-relevant conditions

Ignition System sentence examples within Electric Ignition System

Application and Exploration of Early In-Situ Combustion Huff-and-Puff Technology in a Deep Undisturbed Reservoir with Extra Heavy Oil

Performance analysis of a thermoelectric generator with closed and flooded passive cooling in small-scale space

Ignition System sentence examples within Capacitive Ignition System

Theoretical determination of the energy parameters of spark discharges in semiconductor spark plugs of aircraft engines

Instrumentation for modeling of discharge processes in ignition capacitive systems

Ignition System sentence examples within Jet Ignition System

Large eddy simulation of a homogeneously charged turbulent jet ignition system

Air-breathing pulsed detonation thrust module: Numerical simulations and firing tests

Ignition System sentence examples within ignition system learning

Improving The Students’ Cognitive Aspects In Oxy Acetylene Welding Course

Developing Distributorless Ignition System Learning Media for Automotive Engineering Students

Ignition System sentence examples within ignition system could

Investigation into the Relationship between Super-Knock and Misfires in an SI GDI Engine

On the possibility to improve petrol engine operation by laser ignition

Pengaruh temperatur biogas dan waktu penyalaan terhadap kinerja motor bakar menggunakan sistem dual fuel pertamax-biogas

Analisis Sistem Kelistrikan Body pada Sepeda Motor Suzuki Nex-FI

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The Pulse Energy Converters in the Systems of Ignition, Electrical Supply and Electric Car Accessories

Uji Modifikasi Komponen dan Sistem Pengapian Yamaha 5D9 Terhadap Emisi Gas Buang dan Konsumsi Bahan Bakar

Metrological Analysis of an Ion Current Measurement System

A Novel Low-Cost Theft Detection System for Two Wheelers with Minimum Carbon Foot Print

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A 2-D DNS study of the effects of nozzle geometry, ignition kernel placement and initial turbulence on prechamber ignition

Possibility of using tetrafluorohydrazine as an oxidiser in a supersonic cw chemical HF laser

Thermal Behavior of Li1+x[Li1/3Ti5/3]O4 and a Proof of Concept for Sustainable Batteries.

Increasing the Efficiency and Increasing the Resource of the Plasma-Ignition System by Its Modernization at Gusinoozerskaya TPP

Design and Implementation of Intelligent Head Protective Gear for Accident Detection and Notification

Metal-organic frameworks as hypergolic additives for hybrid rockets

Streamers Variability Investigation of a Radio-Frequency Corona Discharge in an Optical Access Engine at Different Speeds and Loads

Voltage rise anemometry in turbulent flows applied to internal combustion engines

Eliciting Timing Requirements for Cyber-Physical Systems: a Multiform Time based Approach

Ignition of Electric Bike Using Fingerprint Sensor

Proposed Thrust Profile Design of Pulse Detonation Engine (PDE) for Aerospace Applications

Ageing studies on AP/HTPB based composites solid propellants

Microcontroller and Sensor Based Smart Biking System for Driver’s Safety

Determination of the Causes of the Excess of the Level of Electromagnetic Interference from the Ignition System Using an Intelligent Diagnostic System

More Ignition System 점화 장치 sentence examples

Methods of measuring the influence of electro-magnetic radiation of vehicles on the person and the environment

On the competing roles of turbulence and differential diffusion in facilitated ignition

Microcontroller-Based Automotive Control System Employing Real-Time Health Monitoring of Drivers to Avoid Road Accidents

Comparative study on combustion characteristics of lean premixed CH4/air mixtures in RCM using spark ignition and turbulent jet ignition in terms of orifices angular position change

DNS and LES of spark ignition with an automotive coil

A review on chemical oxygen supply technology within confined spaces: Challenges, strategies, and opportunities toward chemical oxygen generators (COGs)

Development of alcohol triggered vehicle engine lock system

Combustion efficiency with a change in ignition plug type using a new plasma energy generator in a constant volume combustion chamber

Monitoring Engine Toxicity Parameters and Selective Control of Its System Operation

Latest Trends in Ignition Systems and Related Aerospace Mechanisms Technologies to Empower Interior and Exterior “Ballistic Transients”

The Main Components of Vehicle Exhaust Gases and Their Effective Catalytic Neutralization

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Non-Destructive Measurement for High-Voltage Transformer of Ignition System

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