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Physiological and psychosocial correlates of cancer-related fatigue

Timing of Complication and Failure to Rescue after Hepatectomy: Single-Institution Analysis of 28-Years of Hepatic Surgery.

Use of geo-information systems in the registration of road-traffic accidents on the roads

Multi-camera multi-target drone tracking systems with trajectory-based target matching and re-identification

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Single-cell trajectories of melanoma cell resistance to targeted treatment.

Correlates of Quality of Life in Anxiety Disorders: Review of Recent Research

Autonomous Angles-Only Navigation for Spacecraft Swarms around Planetary Bodies

Exercise and self-esteem model: Validity in a sample of healthy female adolescents

Targeted Multiple Reaction Monitoring Analysis of CSF Identifies UCHL1 and GPNMB as Candidate Biomarkers for ALS

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Identifies Targets 대상 식별

Identifies Targets 대상 식별
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