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Lending a hand to storytelling: Gesture’s effects on narrative comprehension moderated by task difficulty and cognitive ability

Short report: Learning through iconic gesture in autism spectrum disorder.

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Construing events first-hand: Gesture viewpoints interact with speech to shape the attribution and memory of agency.

Event related spectral perturbations of gesture congruity: Visuospatial resources are recruited for multimodal discourse comprehension

The Emergence of Language:

The Role of Iconic Gestures in Speech Comprehension: An Overview of Various Methodologies

The Relation Between Cognitive Abilities and the Distribution of Semantic Features Across Speech and Gesture in 4-year-olds

Communicating Without Conventions

The role of the left and right inferior frontal gyrus in processing metaphoric and unrelated co-speech gestures

Novel vocalizations are understood across cultures

The role of iconic gestures and mouth movements in face-to-face communication.

Individual Differences in Children’s (Language) Learning Skills Moderate Effects of Robot-Assisted Second Language Learning

I Know What You Know: What Hand Movements Reveal about Domain Expertise

Non-native Listeners Benefit Less from Gestures and Visible Speech than Native Listeners During Degraded Speech Comprehension

Second Language Tutoring Using Social Robots: L2TOR - The Movie

Linguistic inferences without words

Determining Iconic Gesture Forms based on Entity Image Representation

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Ideophones (Mimetics, Expressives)

Dynamic Adaptive Gesturing Predicts Domain Expertise in Mathematics

Language and perception: Introduction to the Special Issue “Speakers and Listeners in the Visual World”

The Production of Gesture and Speech by People With Aphasia: Influence of Communicative Constraints.

Types of iconicity and combinatorial strategies distinguish semantic categories in silent gesture across cultures

Iconic gestures serve as manual cognates in hearing second language learners of a sign language: An ERP study.

Second Language Tutoring Using Social Robots: A Large-Scale Study

When high and pop culture (re)mix: An inquiry into the memetic transformations of artwork

Towards a Gesture-Based Story Authoring System: Design Implications from Feature Analysis of Iconic Gestures During Storytelling

Symbolic play promotes non‐verbal communicative exchange in infant–caregiver dyads

Native and non-native listeners show similar yet distinct oscillatory dynamics when using gestures to access speech in noise

Hearing non-signers use their gestures to predict iconic form-meaning mappings at first exposure to signs

Systematic mappings between semantic categories and types of iconic representations in the manual modality: A normed database of silent gesture

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Iconic Gestures 상징적인 제스처

Iconic Gestures 상징적인 제스처
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