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Benchmark seasonal prediction skill estimates based on regional indices

Seasonal Variations of Arctic Low‐Level Clouds and Its Linkage to Sea Ice Seasonal Variations

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Drug price sensitivity among physicians in a developing healthcare system: Evidence from the Philippine market for statins and beta blockers

Growing identification of genetic aetiologies for neonatal‐onset epilepsies: lessons from the Neonatal Seizure Registry

Ice Variations sentence examples within ice variations among

Practice variation in the management of patent ductus arteriosus in extremely low birth weight infants in the United States: Survey results among cardiologists and neonatologists

Online hotel demand model and own-price elasticities: An empirical application in a mature resort destination

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Paracetamol treatment for patent ductus arteriosus: practice and attitudes in Australia and New Zealand

Practice Patterns in Parathyroid Surgery: A Survey of Asia-Pacific Parathyroid Surgeons

Arctic seabirds and shrinking sea ice: egg analyses reveal the importance of ice-derived resources

Linking Terpene Synthases to Sesquiterpene Metabolism in Grapevine Flowers

An Auction Mechanism for Profit Maximization of Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading in Smart Grids

Sensitivity Analysis of Medium-Frequency Transformer Designs for Solid-State Transformers

Bullwhip effect in pricing under different supply chain game structures

Period adding bifurcations in dynamic pricing processes

Examining Coronary Revascularization Practice Patterns for Diabetics: Perceived Barriers, Facilitators, and Implications for Knowledge Translation.

Mapping investment environment by optimizing the forest bioenergy production plant locations.

Emodepside has sex-dependent immobilizing effects on adult Brugia malayi due to a differentially spliced binding pocket in the RCK1 region of the SLO-1 K channel

Probabilistic Top- ${k}$ Dominating Query Monitoring Over Multiple Uncertain IoT Data Streams in Edge Computing Environments

Trade Duration, Volatility and Market Impact

Contemporary Public Service Variations in Bolivia

An Evolutionary Approach to Optimize Data Center Profit in Smart Grid Environment

Dynamics of High-Altitude Jet Streams from Satellite Measurements and Their Relationship with Climatic Parameters and Large-Scale Atmospheric Phenomena

Dividend policy and stock price volatility in Indian capital market

Trigger-When-Charged: A Technique for Directly Measuring RTN and BTI-Induced Threshold Voltage Fluctuation Under Use- ${V}_{dd}$

Forecasting household consumption of fuels: A multiple discrete-continuous approach

An aggregate production planning mathematical model, under a peak-demand electrical control policy

Modeling the Impact of Agricultural Shocks on Oil Price in the US: A New Approach

Myth of early booking gains

Profit stability of mixed dairy and beef production systems of the mountain area of southern Auvergne (France) in the face of price variations: Bioeconomic simulation

The Impact of Oil Price Uncertainty on Stock Returns in Gulf Countries

Challenge and solution for characterizing NBTI-generated defects in nanoscale devices

Survival benefit of radiation in high-risk, early-stage endometrioid carcinoma

Factors Affecting Racial Disparities in End-of-Life Care Costs Among Lung Cancer Patients: A SEER-Medicare–based Study

International prospective observational study on intracranial pressure in intensive care (ICU): the SYNAPSE-ICU study protocol

Information Extraction from Clinical Practice Guidelines: A Step Towards Guidelines Adherence

Cross-correlations between Brazilian biofuel and food market: Ethanol versus sugar

The value of flexibility in power markets

Estimating tobacco price elasticity in Kosovo: using the micro data from Household Budget Survey (2007 – 2017) and Deaton demand model

Clinical Practice Variations in the Management of Stress-Induced Cardiomyopathy: A Canadian Perspective.

Evolution of NCoR-1 and NCoR-2 corepressor alternative mRNA splicing in placental mammals

Use of Prophylaxis for Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism in Patients with Isolated Foot or Ankle Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

Medicine Prices, Availability, and Affordability in Private Health Facilities in Low-Income Settlements in Nairobi County, Kenya

Patterns of care: burr-hole cover application for chronic subdural hematoma trepanation.

Short-Term Forecasting of Electricity Spot Prices Containing Random Spikes Using a Time-Varying Autoregressive Model Combined With Kernel Regression

Phonetic acquisition in cortical dynamics, a computational approach

Incorporating signals into optimal trading

Value Chain and Evaluation of Milk Quality in Smallholder Dairy Farms Around Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

A Comparison of Aspergillus Prophylaxis with Voriconazole versus Isavuconazole in Lung Transplant Recipients

Forecasting Models Based on Data Analytics for Predicting Rice Price Volatility: A Case Study of the Sri Lankan Rice Market

Contributions of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to Income Generation, Employment and GDP: Case Study Ethiopia


Analysis of determinants of maize price variations in Nigeria (1978-2014).

Neonatal Acute Kidney Injury: A Survey of Perceptions and Management Strategies Amongst Pediatricians and Neonatologists

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Ice Variations 아이스 바리에이션

Ice Variations 아이스 바리에이션
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