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Investigating the potential of clinical and biochemical markers to differentiate between functional hypothalamic amenorrhoea and polycystic ovarian syndrome: A retrospective observational study

Effect of oral and transdermal oestrogen therapy on bone mineral density in functional hypothalamic amenorrhoea: a systematic review and meta-analysis

SAT-LB040 Measuring LH Pulsatility in Patients with Reproductive Disorders Using a Novel Robotic Aptamer-Enabled Electrochemical Reader (RAPTER)

Diagnostyka i leczenie zaburzeń hormonalnych jako wyraz troski o zdrowie prokreacyjne i profilaktyka niepłodności.

Commentary on: “The relationship between running kinematics and the pelvic floor muscle function of female runners”

Investigation and management of subfertility

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Hypothalamic Amenorrhoea 시상하부 무월경

Hypothalamic Amenorrhoea 시상하부 무월경
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