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Hygiene Behaviour sentence examples within Oral Hygiene Behaviour

Motivators and Barriers to Oral Hygiene Self-Care among Adolescents in Malaysia: A Qualitative Study.

Healthy Oral Lifestyle Behaviours Are Associated with Favourable Composition and Function of the Oral Microbiota

Hygiene Behaviour sentence examples within Hand Hygiene Behaviour

Knowledge, socio-cognitive perceptions and the practice of hand hygiene and social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional study of UK university students

An Investigation of the General Population’s Self-Reported Hand Hygiene Behaviour and Compliance in a Cross-European Setting

Hygiene Behaviour sentence examples within Sleep Hygiene Behaviour

Mental imagery-based self-regulation: Effects on physical activity behaviour and its cognitive and affective precursors over time.

Effects of anxiety and sleep on academic engagement among university students

Hygiene Behaviour sentence examples within Dental Hygiene Behaviour

Effectiveness of the use of threats in communication with children (aged from 8 to 12)

Cardiovascular prevention starts from your mouth

Hygiene Behaviour sentence examples within Food Hygiene Behaviour

The influence of disgust sensitivity on self-reported food hygiene behaviour

The Safe Start trial to assess the effect of an infant hygiene intervention on enteric infections and diarrhoea in low-income informal neighbourhoods of Kisumu, Kenya: a study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial

Hygiene Behaviour sentence examples within Personal Hygiene Behaviour


Food disgust sensitivity predicts disease-preventing behaviour beyond the food domain in the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany

Hygiene Behaviour sentence examples within Good Hygiene Behaviour

Prevalence and Factors Associated with Hygiene Behaviours among In-School Adolescents in Ghana

Adoption of Preventive Behaviours among General Public in Response to Covid 19 Pandemic

Hygiene Behaviour sentence examples within Improve Hygiene Behaviour

Effectiveness of digital interventions to improve household and community infection prevention and control behaviours and to reduce incidence of respiratory and/or gastro-intestinal infections: a rapid systematic review

Development and pilot evaluation of an educational programme on infection prevention and antibiotics with English and Scottish youth groups, informed by COM-B

Hygiene Behaviour sentence examples within Cyber Hygiene Behaviour

Extracting Key Factors of Cyber Hygiene Behaviour Among Software Engineers: A Systematic Literature Review

The Cybersecurity (CSEC) Questionnaire: Individual Differences in Unintentional Insider Threat Behaviours

Hygiene Behaviour sentence examples within hygiene behaviour change

A Comparative Study of the Efficacy of Community Health Clubs in Rural Areas of Vietnam and Zimbabwe to Control Diarrhoeal Disease

Comparative Assessment of Hygiene Behaviour Change and Cost-effectiveness of Community Health Clubs in Rwanda and Zimbabwe.

Hand hygiene during facility-based childbirth in Cambodia: a theory-driven, mixed-methods observational study

The Associations between Knowledge and Behaviours Related to Touch Screens and Microbiological Threats among IT Students’

Effects on childhood infections of promoting safe and hygienic complementary-food handling practices through a community-based programme: A cluster randomised controlled trial in a rural area of The Gambia.

Analysis of Residents’ Preparedness Protocols during Ebola Pandemic in Urban Environment

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Prevalence and associated risk factors of superficial and cutaneous mycoses among children attending Halibet referral hospital in Asmara, Eritrea

Scoping exercise to develop a storybook to support children’s education during the COVID-19 pandemic

Hand Hygiene During Facility-Based Childbirth in Cambodia: A Theory-Driven, Mixed-Methods Observational Study

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on water consumption behaviour

The Double Burden of Malnutrition and Associated Factors among South Asian Adolescents: Findings from the Global School-Based Student Health Survey

Contextualising COVID-19 prevention behaviour over time in Australia: Patterns and long-term predictors from April to July 2020 in an online social media sample

Review article: Food safety culture from the perspective of the Australian horticulture industry

Determinants of protective behaviours during a nationwide lockdown in the wake of the COVID‐19 pandemic

The Impact of a School-Based Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Intervention on Knowledge, Practices, and Diarrhoea Rates in the Philippines

Water, sanitation and rural livelihoods nexus: an exploratory study of Wogu in the Upper West Region of Ghana

Household and Parasitology Surveys, Kwale County, Kenya, 2015-2017

Hubungan Pola Asuh dan Status Gizi Balita Dengan Angka Kejadian Diare di Ruang Nusa Indah Bawah RSUD dr. Slamet Garut

Validation of a questionnaire about knowledge and perception of biological risk among biomedical students of Sapienza University of Rome.

Risk factors for infection with soil-transmitted helminths during an integrated community level water, sanitation, and hygiene and deworming intervention in Timor-Leste.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in Schools in Low-Income Countries: A Review of Evidence of Impact

Awareness of congenital cytomegalovirus infection among young people studying non-medical subjects

Human exposure to antimicrobial resistance from poultry production: Assessing hygiene and waste-disposal practices in Bangladesh.

Burden of disease from inadequate water, sanitation and hygiene for selected adverse health outcomes: An updated analysis with a focus on low- and middle-income countries

Household and Parasitology Survey, Kwale County, Kenya, 2015

Hand-hygiene mitigation strategies against global disease spreading through the air transportation network

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