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Gold in the Oxidized Ores of the Olympiada Deposit (Eastern Siberia, Russia)

Hydrothermal synthesis of lanthanide rhenium oxides: Structures and magnetism of Ln2Re2O7(OH) (Ln = Pr, Nd) and Ln4Re2O11 (Ln = Eu, Tb)

Hydrothermal formation of iron-oxyhydroxide chimney mounds in a shallow semi-enclosed bay at Satsuma Iwo-Jima Island, Kagoshima, Japan

Significance of neotectonic and paleoclimatic Late Pleistocene–Holocene travertine and origins: Balkayası, Avanos—Nevsehir, Central Anatolia/Turkey

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Epigenic vs. hypogenic speleogenesis governed by H2S/CO2 hydrothermal input and Quaternary icefield dynamics (NE French Pyrenees)

Monitoring temporal variations in the geothermal activity of Miocene Lesvos volcanic field using remote sensing techniques and MODIS - LST imagery

Mechanisms of sulfate formation in acidic hydrothermal sites of Iceland, Lassen, Valles Caldera, and Yellowstone: Implications for possible oxidation pathways in martian volcanic settings

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Hydrothermal Water Enabling One-Pot Transformation of Amines to Alcohols

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Rift and salt-related multi-phase dolomitization: example from the northwestern Pyrenees

Evaluation of water source origin around Kerman tunnel, Iran: water transfer tunnel path using 2H, 3H, 18O, and 34S isotopes

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Hydrocarbon status of soils in zones of active tectonic faults of Baikal rift

Exploring the Kamchatka Geothermal Region in the Context of Life’s Beginning

Resource Upgrading in Advanced Supercritical Fluid (Supercritical Fluid with Catalyst and Cosolvent): Liquid Fuels from Biomass in Sub and Supercritical Water and Carbohydrate Up-Conversion in Ionic Liquid and Supercritical Fluids Mixtures

The Effect of Obliquity of Slip in Normal Faults on Distribution of Open Fractures

Relict Pleistocene calcareous tufa of the Chlupáčova sluj Cave, the Bohemian Karst, Czech Republic: A petrographic and geochemical record of hydrologically-driven cave evolution

Basic Knowledge of Geochemical Processes

Daylight Bactericidal Titania Textiles: A Contribution to Nosocomial Infections Control

Isotope geochemistry of sulfur: implications for origin and distribution of sulfur in Isparta Angle of Western Taurus Belt, SW, Turkey

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Influence of hydrous pyrolysis on distribution of carbon and hydrogen isotopes by organic matter fractions. The nature of oil generation in the calder of Uzone Volcano in Kamchatka

Banded Iron Travertines at the Ilia Hot Spring (Greece): An interplay of biotic and abiotic factors leading to a modern Banded Iron Formation analogue?

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Update on the fluid geochemistry monitoring time series for geothermal systems in Dominica, Lesser Antilles island arc: 2009-2017

Effect of Hydrous Pyrolysis on the Distribution of Carbon and Hydrogen Isotopes between Fractions of Organic Matter. The Nature of Oil Seeps in the Uzon Caldera, Kamchatka, Russia

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Hydrothermal Water 열수

Hydrothermal Water 열수
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