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Hybrid Magnet sentence examples within Parallel Hybrid Magnet

A Novel Variable-Flux PMSM with Parallel Hybrid Magnets Capable of Operating in a Wide Speed Range

Comparative Study of Partitioned Stator Memory Machines With Series and Parallel Hybrid PM Configurations

Hybrid Magnet sentence examples within Inorganic Hybrid Magnet

Enhancement of electrical conductivity and magnetic properties of bimetallic Schiff base complex on grafting to MWCNTs

Sustainable Magnetic Materials (from Chitosan and Municipal Biowaste) for the Removal of Diclofenac from Water

Hybrid Magnet sentence examples within Organic Hybrid Magnet

Inorganic/organic hybrid magnetic polymers based on POSS and pyridinium FeCl4: the effect of self-assembly

A synthesis of sulfoxides and disulfides under classical and ultrasonic conditions in presence of recoverable inorganic–organic hybrid magnetism nanocatalysts [email protected] (M: Cu, Co and Fe)

Hybrid Magnet sentence examples within Flux Hybrid Magnet

Influence of Design Parameters on On-Load Demagnetization Characteristics of Switched Flux Hybrid Magnet Memory Machine

Design Considerations of Switched Flux Memory Machine with Partitioned Stators

Hybrid Magnet sentence examples within Slouse Hybrid Magnet

Modeling and Performance Analysis on the Five Degrees of Freedom Slice Hybrid Magnetic Bearing

Modeling and Performance Analysis on the Slice Hybrid Magnetic Bearing With Two Radial Air-Gaps

Hybrid Magnet sentence examples within Whose Hybrid Magnet

AISHa mechanical study and commissioning

Experimental characterization of the AISHa ion source.

Hybrid Magnet sentence examples within Novel Hybrid Magnet

A Novel Hybrid Magnet Made of HTS Tape Stacks and Permanent Magnets for Motor Applications

Magnetic quaternary chitosan hybrid nanoparticles for the efficient uptake of diclofenac from water.

Hybrid Magnet sentence examples within T Hybrid Magnet

Fabrication of the Nb3Sn/Cu CICC Coil and Cold Mass for the Radboud University HFML 45 T Hybrid Magnet

Magnetoresistance of cryogenic linear temperature sensor

Hybrid Magnet sentence examples within hybrid magnet memory

A Novel Stator Spoke-Type Hybrid Magnet Memory Machine

Influence of Design Parameters on On-Load Demagnetization Characteristics of Switched Flux Hybrid Magnet Memory Machine

Self-Assembled [email protected] Core/Satellite Magnetic Nanoparticles for Versatile Biomolecule Functionalization.

Design of a Novel Parallel-Hybrid-Excited Dual-PM Machine Based on Armature Harmonics Diversity for Electric Vehicle Propulsion

Optimal design method for the structural parameters of hybrid magnetic coupler

Modelling and experimental research on the equivalent magnetic circuit network of hybrid magnetic couplers considering the magnetic leakage effect

Tunable spin polarization in a δ-doped magnetic-electric-barrier nanostructure

Removal of heavy crude oil from water surfaces using a magnetic inorganic-organic hybrid powder and membrane system.

Transformer with a Hybrid Magnetic Core for High-Efficiency Aircraft Transformer-Rectifier Unit

Development of 5-cm ion thruster and preliminary numerical simulation of plasma in its discharge chamber

Study of synthesis, structural, optical and magnetic characterizations of iron/copper oxide nanocomposites: A promising novel inorganic antibiotic.

Multifunctional temozolomide-loaded lipid superparamagnetic nanovectors: dual targeting and disintegration of glioblastoma spheroids by synergic chemotherapy and hyperthermia treatment.

Mechanical Utility Structure for Testing High Field Superconducting Dipole Magnets


Multi-Objective Optimization Design of Magnetic Bearing Based on Genetic Particle Swarm Optimization

Sperm-templated magnetic microrobots

Hybrid magnetic EMI filter design for Low Voltage DC distribution (LVDC) network

Efficient targeted cancer cell detection, isolation and enumeration using immuno-nano/hybrid magnetic microgels.

CIGuide: in situ augmented reality laser guidance

Automatic Spatial Calibration of Ultra-Low-Field MRI for High-Accuracy Hybrid MEG–MRI

Transition to the quantum hall regime in InAs nanowire cross-junctions

A field-circuit model of the hybrid magnetic bearing

Extraction of plasmid DNA by use of a magnetic maghemite-polyaniline nanocomposite.

Magnetodielectric Effects in Magnetorheological Elastomers Based on Polymer Fabric, Silicone Rubber, and Magnetorheological Suspension

Bulk anisotropic multiphase nanohybrid magnets fabricated from compound precursors

Spin-polarized Goos-Hänchen displacement in a hybrid magnetic-electric-barrier nanostructure modulated by spin-orbit couplings

Reconfigurable Hardware Implementation of the Successive Overrelaxation Method

Plasma of Magnetic Monopoles in Kagome Spin Ice

Influence of the aromatic surface on the capacity of adsorption of VOCs by magnetite supported organic–inorganic hybrids

Broadband enhancement of the magneto-optical activity of hybrid Au loaded Bi:YIG

Magnetic Hyperthermia Therapy Using Hybrid Magnetic Nanostructures

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