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Optimal Cryptography Scheme and Efficient Neutrosophic C-Means Clustering for Anomaly Detection in Cloud Environment

An artificial neural network-based NRTL model for simulating liquid-liquid equilibria of systems present in biofuels production

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Design and Technical Assessment of Local Electrical Storage Systems in Double-Fed Generators for Wind Turbine Power System Applications

A Hybrid Localization Algorithm Based on TOF and TDOA for Asynchronous Wireless Sensor Networks

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Bi-objective optimization for multi-task offloading in latency and radio resources constrained mobile edge computing networks

A hybrid local search framework for the dynamic capacitated arc routing problem

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Local receptive fields based extreme learning machine with hybrid filter kernels for image classification

Realization of a Hybrid Locally Connected Extreme Learning Machine With DeepID for Face Verification

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A Computationally Efficient Shallow Water Model for Mixed Cohesive and Non-Cohesive Sediment Transport in the Yangtze Estuary

Computationally efficient modeling of hydro-sediment-morphodynamic processes using a hybrid local time step/global maximum time step

Design of thermally activated delayed fluorescent emitters for organic solid-state microlasers

Controllable Synthesis of Conjugated Microporous Polymer Films for Ultra-sensitive Detection of Chemical Warfare Agents

Hybrid localized graph kernel for machine learning energy‐related properties of molecules and solids

Hybrid Local-Global Optimum Search Using Particle Swarm Gravitation Search Algorithm (HLGOS-PSGSA) for Waveguide Selection

Benchmarking Optimisation Methods for Model Selection and Parameter Estimation of Nonlinear Systems

Error Decomposition for Hybrid Localization Systems

“We are Slovaks too, just not in that way” The experience of the Slovak minority youth from Hungary studying in the Kin-state

Hybrid localization algorithm based on received signal strength and angle-of-arrival for indoor location estimation

Hybrid Approach for Indoor Localization Using Received Signal Strength of Dual-Band Wi-Fi

Hybrid Local and Nonlocal 3-D Attentive CNN for Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution

The politics of glocalised post-traumatic emotion worlds and the limits of Cambodian therapeutic subjectivity

HYLOC - A Hybrid Localization and Communication System for Vehicles in Mixed Terrain Environments

Electromagnetic analysis of the lasing thresholds of hybrid plasmon modes of a silver tube nanolaser with active core and active shell

Highly Efficient Deep-Blue Electroluminescence Based on a Solution-Processable A-π-D-π-A Oligo(p-phenyleneethynylene) Small Molecule.

An improved particle filter for mobile robot localization based on particle swarm optimization

An omnidirectional DIC system for dynamic strain measurement on soft biological tissues and organs

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A Hybrid Localization Algorithm Based on Error Correction

New distribution records of Solidago ×niederederi (Asteraceae) in Austria, Italy, and Poland

Performance comparison of sparse array millimeter wave imager configurations.

Enabling Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems via Edge Computing

Hybrid TDOA/RSS Based Localization for Visible Light Systems

Visualization, Ultrasensitive and Recyclable Dual-Channel Fluorescence Sensors for Chemical Warfare Agents Based on the State De-hybridization of Hybrid Locally-excited and Charge Transfer Materials.

A novel hybrid localization scheme for deep mine based on wheel graph and chicken swarm optimization

Circular Polarization and Reconfigurability of Fabry–Pérot Resonator Antenna Through Metamaterial-Loaded Cavity

A novel dynamic localisation system for indoor and outdoor tracking

Real time indoor localization integrating a model based pedestrian dead reckoning on smartphone and BLE beacons

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Hybrid Local 하이브리드 로컬

Hybrid Local 하이브리드 로컬
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