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Physical and mechanical properties of sugar palm/glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic polyurethane hybrid composites

Robust Synchronization of Complex-Valued Neural Networks with Probabilistic Delay

Biomass productivity of Scenedesmus dimorphus (Chlorophyceae) was improved by using an open pond–photobioreactor hybrid system

Effects of Au nanoparticles and ZnO morphology on the photocatalytic performance of Au doped ZnO/TiO2 films.

Tensile Behavior of Unidirectional Bamboo/Coir Fiber Hybrid Composites

Corrosion behavior of steel rebar embedded in hybrid CNTs-OH/polyvinyl alcohol modified concrete under accelerated chloride attack

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Hybrid Effects 하이브리드 효과

Hybrid Effects 하이브리드 효과
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