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Humidity Data sentence examples within Relative Humidity Data

The autonomous robotic environmental sensor (ARES)

Zoological institutions as hotspots of gastrointestinal parasites that may affect the success of ungulate reintroduction programmes.

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Estimation of Reference Evapotranspiration by Using Different Five Empirical Models for Melkassa Area, Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia

Humidity Data sentence examples within Specific Humidity Data

Comparison of urban climate measurements in Berlin and LES model output for a special observation period

Coupling evidence from lower atmosphere to mesosphere and ionosphere through quasi 27-day oscillation

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Humidity Data sentence examples within humidity data collected

The autonomous robotic environmental sensor (ARES)

University of Nebraska unmanned aerial system (UAS) profiling during the LAPSE-RATE field campaign

Humidity Data sentence examples within humidity data acquisition

Sampling Time Variation of the EK-H5 Based Humidity Data Acquisition System

Wireless Temperature and Humidity Acquisition System Based on Z-Stack Protocol Stack

Humidity Data sentence examples within humidity data obtained

Analysis of Outdoor Thermal Discomfort Over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Research on optimisation processing of spatiotemporal correlation temperature and humidity data based on wireless sensor networks in cigarette factory

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Investigating the thermal performance of green wall: Experimental analysis, deep learning model, and simulation studies in a humid climate

Integration of Solar Panels as the Shading Devices to Lower the Indoor Air Temperatures

Humidity Data sentence examples within humidity data set

Interannual variation and correlation analysis of farmland NDVI, soil moisture and atmospheric relative humidity in Xinjiang during 2009-2020

Lossless Compression Algorithm for Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Network

Profil dan Prevalensi Blastocystis hominis di Laboratorium Parasitologi Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Kristen Indonesia

Integration, Quality Assurance, and Usage of Global Aircraft Observations in CRA

Parametric Fuzzy Implications Produced via Fuzzy Negations with a Case Study in Environmental Variables

Smart Warehousing Using NodeMCU Assisted With Cloud Computing And Machine Learning

Development of a Raspberry Pi–Based Remote Station Prototype for Coastal Environment Monitoring

Applying Computational Fluid Dynamics in the Development of Smart Ripening Rooms for Traditional Cheeses

HVAQ: A High-Resolution Vision-Based Air Quality Dataset

Perencanaan Sistem Penyaliran dan Pemompaan pada Tambang Terbuka di PT X Desa Tegalega, Kecamatan Cigudeg Kabupaten Bogor, Provinsi Jawa Barat

IoT based Forest Fire Detection System in Cloud Paradigm

Real-Time Data Analysis using Fog Intelligence

Perubahan Tingkat Kenyamanan Berdasarkan Indeks Panas (Humidex) di Kalimantan Barat

Future climate risk to UK agriculture from compound events

A Study on Wireless Sensor Network Layout Strategy in the Stable Temperature and Humidity Region

Tecno economics of LNG regasification terminal in Port Sudan

Forecast of Energy Consumption of Drying System According to The Environmental Temperature and Humidity on IoT by Arima Algorithm

The Broiler Chicken Coop Temperature Monitoring Use Fuzzy Logic and LoRAWAN

Impacts of groundwater over exploitation on the renewal and hydrodynamic behavior of the alluvial aquifer of Sidi Bel Abbes (Algerian NW)

Weather data processing application system web-based for pest control of rice plants diseases

Temperature Monitoring System for Egg Incubators Using Raspberry Pi3 Based on Internet of Things (IoT)

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An adaptive predicted percentage dissatisfied model based on the air-conditioner turning-on behaviors in the residential buildings of China

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Investigation of insect attraction effect of lamps with different color temperatures

Effects of convective available potential energy, temperature and humidity on the variability of thunderstorm frequency over Bangladesh

Using wearable sensors to assess how a heatwave affects individual heat exposure, perceptions, and adaption methods

Prediction accuracies and genetic parameters for test-day traits from genomic and pedigree-based random regression models with or without heat stress interactions.

The Impact of Green Open Spaces Changes on Temperature and Humidity and the Livable City Index of Banda Aceh

Estimation of Surface Air Specific Humidity and Air-Sea Latent Heat Flux Using FY-3C Microwave Observations

Data Logging and Visualization Using Bolt IoT

ZigBee and LoRa based Wireless Sensors for Smart Environment and IoT Applications

Effects of seasonal changes in temperature and humidity on incidence of necrotizing soft tissue infections in Halifax, Canada, 2001-2015

Orthoptera (Ensifera Caelifera) collected using carrion traps in a Quercus forest in Jalisco, Mexico, with description of a new genus and a new species (Trigonidiidae: Nemobiinae).

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CLAY-MIST: IoT-cloud enabled CMM index for smart agriculture monitoring system

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Thermal comfort and grazing behavior of Girolando heifers in integrated crop-livestock (ICL) and crop-livestock-forest (ICLF) systems

Occupant Comfort Management Based on Energy Optimization Using an Environment Prediction Model in Smart Homes

Research on Intelligent Video Surveillance System in Remote Area Based on NB-IoT

Completeness of radiosonde humidity observations based on the Integrated Global Radiosonde Archive

Development of laser humidity sensor based on tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy

Assessing the interplay between dengue incidence and weather in Jakarta via a clustering integrated multiple regression model

The effectiveness of WMT activities to reduce hotspots during El-Nino in 2014–2015 in Ogan Komering Ilir District, South Sumatra

Impact of heat waves on sex specific mortality in Novi Sad

Oceanic Surface Environmental Severity

Reliability Evaluation Method under Time-varying Environment

Variation of Surface Refractivity with Soil Permittivity and Leaf Wetness in a Tropical Location

Recognition Model for Solar Radiation Time Series based on Random Forest with Feature Selection Approach

Penerapan Sistem Monitoring Lahan dan Analisa Neraca Air Klimatik Pertanian di Lahan Gambut

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Humidity Data 습도 데이터

Humidity Data 습도 데이터
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