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Response to Comment on “Cutting Edge: Role of MASP-3 in the Physiological Activation of Factor D of the Alternative Complement Pathway”

Presence and upregulation of Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 1 (TRPV1) and Ankyrin 1 (TRPA1) in translational rat endometriosis model

Snake Image Classification using Siamese Networks

Endocytosis mechanism in physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modeling of nanoparticles.

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Clinical validation of ultrasound backscatter statistics for the assessment of liver fibrosis

Using Convolutional Neural Networks in the Problem of Cell Nuclei Segmentation on Histological Images

Improving Bioinformatics Prediction of microRNA Targets by Ranks Aggregation

Modeling Driver Take-Over Reaction Time and Emergency Response Time using an Integrated Cognitive Architecture

Chronic Ovine Studies Demonstrate Low Thromboembolic Risk in the Penn State Infant Ventricular Assist Device

The TALE homeodomain of PBX1 is involved in human primary testis‐determination

Motor axon excitability measures in the rat tail are the same awake or anaesthetized using sodium pentobarbital

Structural insights into the activation of ATM kinase

Human scalp hair: Modulation by various factors and hormones do estrogens inhibit or stimulate—A perplexing perspective

Maintenance of long‐term blood pressure control and vascular health by low‐dose amiloride‐based therapy in hyperaldosteronism

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Human Results 인간 결과

Human Results 인간 결과
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