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A formal framework for robot to understand compound concepts

Prediction of Intentions Behind a Single Human Action: An Application of Convolutional Neural Network

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User-Independent Gaze Estimation by Extracting Pupil Parameter and Its Mapping to the Gaze Angle

DAMTRNN: A Delta Attention-Based Multi-task RNN for Intention Recognition

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Service humanoid robotics: a novel interactive system based on bionic-companionship framework

Unified Intention Inference and Learning for Human-Robot Cooperative Assembly

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Behavioral Intentions towards adoption of Information Protection and Cyber security (Email Security and Online Privacy): SEM model

Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Control System for a Lower-Limb Exoskeleton to Reduce Human Energy Consumption

An externalist teleology

Multichannel Optimization With Hybrid Spectral- Entropy Markers for Gender Identification Enhancement of Emotional-Based EEGs

An Online Human-Agent Interaction System: A Brain-controlled Agent Playing Games in Unity

Probabilistic Model-based Learning Control of a Soft Pneumatic Glove for Hand Rehabilitation.

Tracks: A Material Phenomenology of the Road

Estimation of a Human-Maneuvered Target Incorporating Human Intention

A data-efficient goal-directed deep reinforcement learning method for robot visuomotor skill

Attention-based spatio-temporal-spectral feature learning for subject-specific EEG classification

Overcoming Barriers to Implementing Sustainable Development Goals: Human Ecology Matters

EEG-Based Volitional Control of Prosthetic Legs for Walking in Different Terrains

Sensorless full body active compliance in a 6 DOF parallel manipulator

Gyroscope-Based Continuous Human Hand Gesture Recognition for Multi-Modal Wearable Input Device for Human Machine Interaction

Perennial, Permuted, and Pervasive Search in Ambient Intelligence

Motor-Imagery-Based Teleoperation of a Dual-Arm Robot Performing Manipulation Tasks

Development of a Human–Robot Hybrid Intelligent System Based on Brain Teleoperation and Deep Learning SLAM

Brain-Controlled Adaptive Lower Limb Exoskeleton for Rehabilitation of Post-Stroke Paralyzed

Intent-Aware Conditional Generative Adversarial Network for Pedestrian Path Prediction

Brain Teleoperation Control of a Nonholonomic Mobile Robot Using Quadrupole Potential Function

Reshaping human intention in Human-Robot Interactions by robot moves: A comparative analysis of HMM and OOM methods

Human Intention Understanding From Multiple Demonstrations and Behavior Generalization in Dynamic Movement Primitives Framework

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Human Intentions 인간의 의도

Human Intentions 인간의 의도
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