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Human Forearm sentence examples within human forearm muscle

Reporting matters: Brain mapping with transcranial magnetic stimulation

Toward a Human-Machine Interface Based on Electrical Impedance Tomography for Robotic Manipulator Control

Human Forearm sentence examples within human forearm skin

Two-dimensional correlation (2D) method for improving the accuracy of OCT-based noninvasive blood glucose concentration (BGC) monitoring

Low-cost, high-speed near infrared reflectance confocal microscope.

Fully rubbery synaptic transistors made out of all-organic materials for elastic neurological electronic skin

Time-domain diffuse correlation spectroscopy (TD-DCS) for noninvasive, depth-dependent blood flow quantification in human tissue in vivo

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Research of Intelligent Angle Correction Manipulator in Treatment of Joint Injury After Operation

Generative adversarial network-based photoacoustic image reconstruction from bandlimited and limited-view data

Optimal Spatial Sensor Design for Magnetic Tracking in a Myokinetic Control Interface.

Thermoacoustic assessment of hematocrit changes in human forearms

Fifty years of research on the physiology and pharmacology of the autonomic nervous system

Characterisation of frequency modulated wave of NIR photons transport in human lower forearm phantom

EMG-Based Neural Network Model of Human Arm Dynamics in a Haptic Training Simulator of Sinus Endoscopy*

Indirect Vibration of the Upper Limbs Alters Transmission Along Spinal but Not Corticospinal Pathways

Forearm Interosseous Ligaments: Anatomical and Histological Analysis of the Proximal, Central, and Distal Bands.

Real-Time Handheld Probe Tracking and Image Formation Using Digital Frequency-Domain Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy

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Room-temperature self-healing piezoresistive sensors

Wheelchair-Mounted Upper Limb Robotic Exoskeleton with Adaptive Controller for Activities of Daily Living

Extraction of tissue optical property and blood flow from speckle contrast diffuse correlation tomography (scDCT) measurements.

Otariidae-Inspired Soft-Robotic Supernumerary Flippers by Fabric Kirigami and Origami

Textile Electrodes: Influence of Knitting Construction and Pressure on the Contact Impedance

3D Cones Acquisition of Human Extremity Imaging Using a 1.5T Superconducting Magnet and an Unshielded Gradient Coil Set

An Ensemble Classifier for Finger Movement Recognition using EMG Signals

Dosimetry Analysis of A 3-D Open-Structured Wireless Power Transfer System

Impact of Casting and Splinting Manipulations on Below-Dressing Pressures: An Experimental Model

An Insulated Flexible Sensor for Stable Electromyography Detection: Application to Prosthesis Control


A Wearable Fiberless Optical Sensor for Continuous Monitoring of Cerebral Blood Flow in Mice

Optimal currents for electrical stimulation of bone fracture repair: A computational analysis including variations in frequency, tissue properties, and fracture morphology.

Simulation of the Sensitivity Distribution of Four- Electrode Impedance Sensing on Radial Artery

Toward Wearable Healthcare: A Miniaturized 3D Imager With Coherent Frequency-Domain Photoacoustics

Underactuated Gripper with Forearm Roll Estimation for Human Limbs Manipulation in Rescue Robotics

Extended-wavelength diffuse reflectance spectroscopy for a comprehensive view of blood perfusion and tissue response in human forearm skin.

Interferometric near-infrared spectroscopy (iNIRS) of human tissues in the presence of motion (Conference Presentation)

Continuous Finger Joint Angle Estimation With sEMG Signals

Grasping Angle Estimation of Human Forearm with Underactuated Grippers Using Proprioceptive Feedback

Thermographic study of the body’s reaction on low-intensity optical exposure

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Estimation of Dexterous Individual Finger Movements from the Ultrasound Image Using Convolutional Neural Networks

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An Approach for Biometric Verification Based on Human Body Communication using Convolutional Neural Network

Sustained exercise hyperemia during prolonged adenosine infusion in humans

Experimental Evaluation of Composite Tissue-Type Ultrasound and Microwave Imaging

Human-Centered Deep Learning Neural Network Trained Myoelectric Controller for a Powered Wheelchair

A Framework of Human Impedance recognition

Design and Analysis of Pneumatic 2-DoF Soft Haptic Devices for Shear Display

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Human Forearm 인간의 팔뚝

Human Forearm 인간의 팔뚝
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