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Human Enhancement sentence examples within Consider Human Enhancement

Reading Posthuman Ethics in Daniel Wilson’s Amped

Human enhancement

Human Enhancement sentence examples within Radical Human Enhancement

Human enhancement in space missions: From moral controversy to technological duty

Exorganic Posthumanism and Brain-Computer Interface Technologies

Human Enhancement sentence examples within Called Human Enhancement

[Transhumanism, human enhancement and bioethical challenges of emerging technologies for the 21st century].

La mejora humana como tema de estudio de la filosofía de la tecnología

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Human Enhancement sentence examples within human enhancement technology

Moral Psychology and Artificial Agents (Part Two)

Reading Posthuman Ethics in Daniel Wilson’s Amped

Human Enhancement sentence examples within human enhancement debate

Is human enhancement intrinsically bad?

Enhancing the collectivist critique: accounts of the human enhancement debate.

Human Enhancement sentence examples within human enhancement technique

Doctors Playing Gods? The Legal Challenges in Regulating the Experimental Stage of Cybernetic Human Enhancement

[Guidelines for the ethical assessment of interventions on the human body in view of the emergence of NBIC technologies for enhancement].

The New RNA-Editing Era - Ethical Considerations.

Is transhumanism the solution to euthanasia?

Biotransformação ou biomelhoramento: entre fatos e valores

“We’re modelled from trash”: Confronting Transhumanism and Critical Posthumanism in Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go

The exposed psyche and the constitutional ambiguities of mind reading

Impact of AI/Robotics on Human Relations: Co-evolution Through Hybridisation

Future space missions and human enhancement: Medical and ethical challenges

Transhumanist Genetic Enhancement: Creation of a ‘New Man’ Through Technological Innovation

COVID‐19 and bioethics: Looking back and looking forward

Governance Choices of Genome Editing Patents

Aprimoramento cognitivo: técnicas e controvérsias

Back to the future: Old values for a new (more equal) world

Giving Birth, Transhumanism and Human Nature

Human Enhancements and Voting: Towards a Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities of Beings

The theologian as dreamer: on theological imagination and human enhancement

‘Avengers, [Lawfully] Assemble!’ – Military Human Enhancement and the Disruption of Fundamental Principles of International Humanitarian Law

Homo artefactus and Promethean shame: Reflections on Josef Čapek, Futurism, transhumanism, posthumanism, and the Obvious

Transhumanism as a Thin-centred Ideology

Promoting ethics for human enhancement technologies

Sociological investigations of human enhancement drugs: The case of microdosing psychedelics.

The Legal Risk of Human Enhancement Technology and Its Regulation in China

Application of cyborgs and enhancement technology in biomedical engineering

Framing and legitimating EU legal regulation of human gene-editing technologies: key facets and functions of an imaginary


Jean Jacques Rousseau and Human Enhancement

Ouderdom komt met gebreken en wijsheid met de jaren

Biohacktivism, Cyborgasm, and Transhumanism

Research Viewpoint: Human Enhancement and Artificial Intelligence for Space Missions

Gender’s post-feminism and transhumanism

Moral reasons to edit the human genome: picking up from the Nuffield report

Human transformations through technology:A Contribution to a Historical Study on Transhumanism. [Transformaciones humanas a traves de la tecnología]

Cyborg agency: The technological self-production of the (post-)human and the anti-hermeneutic trajectory

Progress bias versus status quo bias in the ethics of emerging science and technology.

La filosofía como antropotécnica no biomédica

CRISPR and The Ethics of Gene Editing: A Modest Framework for Discussion

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Коммунитаристский критерий для биоэтики

Human enhancement: from disability to superability

A Transdisciplinary and Humanistic Approach on the Impacts by Artificial Intelligence Technology

Le véganisme: l’abolition par la nutrition. Comment se complémenter en vitamine B12

L’esercizio del diritto al di là della terapia: lo human enhancement

인간의 존엄과 책임원칙 - 자유의지와 관련해 과학기술은 우리를 어디로 인도하고 있는가? -

Human enhancement: questioni biogiuridiche

Can self-validating neuroenhancement be autonomous?

Human Enhancement: Arguments from Virtue Ethics

Enhancement, hybris, and solidarity: a critical analysis of Sandel’s The Case Against Perfection

Shaping Children: The Pursuit of Normalcy in Pediatric Cognitive Neuro-enhancement

Perspectives of International Law: Some Examples From Conversations With Judge James Richard Crawford

Designing Wearables with People in Mind

Autonomy, Heteronomy, and Bioethics in BioShock

Why Should We Become Posthuman? The Beneficence Argument Questioned.

Genetic Protection Modifications: Moving Beyond the Binary Distinction Between Therapy and Enhancement for Human Genome Editing.

The New Flesh Rising

What Demarks the Metamorphosis of Human Individuals to Posthuman Entities?

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Human Enhancement 인간 강화

Human Enhancement 인간 강화
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