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Human bond communication sensoring in the multi business model innovation process

A Threat Analysis of Human Bond Communications

The Influence of Endogenous Opioids on the Relationship between Testosterone and Romantic Bonding

The Role of Cultural Factors in Sustainable Food Consumption—An Investigation of the Consumption Habits among International Students in Hungary

RETRACTED ARTICLE: Advanced Business Model Innovation Supported by Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Multi Business Model Patterns and a Multi Business Model Library

The quality of being sociable: The influence of human attentional state, population, and human familiarity on domestic cat sociability

Pet dogs’ relationships vary rather individually than according to partner’s species

Review: Exposing Slavery: Photography, Human Bondage, and the Birth of Modern Visual Politics in America, by Matthew Fox-Amato

Hierarchies of affectedness: Kizuna, perceptions of loss, and social dynamics in post-3.11 Japan

Contribuições dos letramentos digital e informacional na sociedade contemporânea

Spinoza on the Conditions that Nominally Define the Human Condition

El fantástico norteño de Néstor Robles

Trafficking, Slavery, Peonage: Dilemmas and Hesitations of Colonial Administrators in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia

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Human Bond 인간의 유대

Human Bond 인간의 유대
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