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Hot Dry sentence examples within enhanced geothermal system

Modeling study of the thermal-hydraulic-mechanical coupling process for EGS based on the framework of EDFM and XFEM

A Novel Procedure for Coupled Simulation of Thermal and Fluid Flow Models for Rough-Walled Rock Fractures

Hot Dry sentence examples within Deep Hot Dry

Evaluation of Heat Production from Single Fracture Hot Dry Rock with Applications for EGS Reservoir Design

Experimental Investigation of Drillability Indices of Thermal Granite After Water-Cooling Treatment

Hot Dry sentence examples within hot dry rock

Thermodynamic performance of subcritical double-pressure organic Rankine cycles driven by geothermal energy

A three-dimensional coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical numerical model with partially bridging multi-stage contact fractures in horizontal-well enhanced geothermal system

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Hot Dry sentence examples within hot dry season

Improved detection of microbiological pathogens: role of partner and non-governmental organizations

Differences in biochemical, gas exchange and hydraulic response to water stress in desiccation tolerant and sensitive fronds of the fern Anemia caffrorum.

Hot Dry sentence examples within hot dry summer

In vitro Fertilisation Capacity of Frozen Crossbred Bull Semen Cryopreserved During Different Seasons in Kerala

To Study the Effect of Growth and Metabolic Parameters of French Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) as Influence by Sulphur and Iron Application

Hot Dry sentence examples within hot dry climate

Evaluating Energy Consumption And Loading Of Institutional Buildings In North West-Nigeria

The Impact of Modified Residential Morphologies on the Outdoor Microclimate in Hot and Dry City of Erbil, Kurdistan-Iraq

Hot Dry sentence examples within hot dry air

Three dimensional unsteady heat and mass transport from six porous moist objects in a channel under laminar forced convection

Numerical analysis of heat and mass transfer of a moving porous moist object in a two dimensional channel

Hot Dry sentence examples within hot dry area

Numerical calculation of necessary distancing regarding SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) vs. spherical viruses, based on environmental features

Physiological and genetic adaptation of desert sheep and goats to heat stress in the arid areas of Egypt

Hot Dry sentence examples within hot dry desert

Desertification Risk Assessment of Sand Dunes in Middle Egypt: A Geotechnical Environmental Study

Landscape and niche specialisation of two brush-tailed mice species Calomyscus elburzensis and C. hotsoni in Iran: a case of the role of ecological niche modelling in finding area(s) of contact

Hot Dry sentence examples within hot dry day

Hot dry days increase perceived experience with global warming

Hot Dry Days Increase Perceived Experience With Global Warming

Hot Dry sentence examples within hot dry condition

Clay mineralogy of an Eocene fluvial-lacustrine sequence in Xining Basin, Northwest China, and its paleoclimatic implications

the effects of natural tropical dry season conditions on the rate of bioremediation on crude oil contaminated soil

Hot Dry sentence examples within hot dry weather



Relationship of irrigated wheat yield with temperature in hot environments of Sudan

Health Hazards and Protocol for Management of Used Facemasks Outside Hospitals during SARCOV-2 Pandemic

Thermal Behaviour Analysis and Cost-Saving Opportunities of PCM-Integrated Terracotta Brick Buildings

Pigment bioproduction by Monascus purpureus using corn bran, a byproduct of the corn industry

Pest categorisation of Elasmopalpus lignosellus

Effect of Soil Moisture Level on the growth of the Giant African Land Snails, Archachatina marginata and Achatina achatina in different season.

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Dermoscopy of Pubic Louse

Perbandingan Aktivitas Antioksidan Ekstrak Apel Hijau (Malus Domestica) Segar Dan Kering Dengan Metode Spektrofotometri

The Addition of Temperature to the TSS-RESTREND Methodology Significantly Improves the Detection of Dryland Degradation

The engineering geology of concrete in hot drylands

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Progressive dry to humid hyperthermia alters exercise cerebral blood flow.

Evaluation of carotenoids and furosine content in air dried carrots and parsnips pre-treated with pulsed electric field (PEF)

Hot Dry 뜨거운 건조

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