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Homogeneous Water sentence examples within homogeneous water phantom

Proof of concept image artifact reduction by energy-modulated proton computed tomography (EMpCT).

An empirical artifact correction for proton computed tomography.

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Computational Scaling Relationships Predict Experimental Activity and Rate Limiting Behavior in Homogenous Water Oxidation

Structure-Activity Relationship for Di- up to Tetranuclear Macrocyclic Ruthenium Catalysts in Homogeneous Water Oxidation.

Homogeneous Water sentence examples within homogeneous water column

A Coupled Mode Reverberation Theory for Clutter Induced by Inhomogeneous Water Columns in Shallow Sea

Formation of dense water dome over the Central Bank under conditions of reduced ice cover in the Barents Sea

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Homogeneous Water sentence examples within homogeneous water droplet

Prognosis Model for Investigating the Evaporation of Water Droplets

Ways to increase the evaporation surface area of liquid droplets: an experimental study

Homogeneous Water sentence examples within homogeneous water dispersion

Design of a pH-responsive conductive nanocomposite based on MWCNTs stabilized in water by amphiphilic block copolymers

Design of a pH-Responsive Conductive Nanocomposite Based on MWCNTs Stabilized in Water by Amphiphilic Block Copolymers

Homogeneous Water sentence examples within homogeneous water distribution

Operando µ-Raman study of the membrane water content in the polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell: Effects of gas flow-field geometry and temperature

Structural parameter optimization for novel internal-loop iron-carbon micro-electrolysis reactors using computational fluid dynamics

The Influence of Shadow Effects on the Spectral Characteristics of Glacial Meltwater

A Novel Fast Multiple-Scattering Approximate Model for Oceanographic Lidar

Structure of β-glucan from Tibetan hull-less barley and its in vitro fermentation by human gut microbiota

OLE: A Novel Oceanic Lidar Emulator

On improving the efficiency of flooding to increase oil recovery during oil fields development

Novel high-hydrophilic carbon dots from petroleum coke for boosting injection pressure reduction and enhancing oil recovery

On the Shear Stability of Dry and Water-Contaminated Calcium Sulfonate Complex Lubricating Greases

Polysaccharides from Thymus vulgaris leaf: Structural features, antioxidant activity and interaction with bovine serum albumin.

A comprehensive review on water-emulsified diesel fuel: chemistry, engine performance and exhaust emissions

Semi-analytic Monte Carlo radiative transfer model of laser propagation in inhomogeneous sea water within subsurface plankton layer

Solidification of oil liquids by encapsulation within porous hollow silica microspheres of narrow size distribution for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications.

Homogeneous Water 균질한 물

Homogeneous Water 균질한 물
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