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An Efficient SDN Architecture for Smart Home Security Accelerated by FPGA

Using Zigbee Sensors for Ambient Measurement of Human Gait – Analytical Considerations

Boosting-based DDoS Detection in Internet of Things Systems

Security-focused Networks of the Future

A Secure Internet of Things Smart Home Network: Design and Configuration

SI-POF Supporting Power-Over-Fiber in Multi-Gbit/s Transmission for In-Home Networks

Wireless Sensor Network based Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Roll Out Strategy

Can Encrypted DNS Be Fast?

Measuring DNS over TLS from the Edge: Adoption, Reliability, and Response Times

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Evaluating Public DNS Services in the Wake of Increasing Centralization of DNS

NetButler: Voice-Based Edge/Cloud Virtual Assistant for Home Network Management

Intrusion Detection In Computer Networks Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Design of a Snort-based IDS on the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Applying TaZmen Sniffer Protocol and Log Alert Integrity Assurance with SHA-3

A Content-Centric Platform for Home Networks

Investigation of home routers with connectivity issues, and proposal for improving interconnectivity

Polymer optical fiber gratings for microwave photonics and communications application

Monitoring and warning system of a route based on roadside sensors in VANET

Resolving IGMP Difference Among Routers and Devices for Improving Interconnectivity in Home Networks

A Survey on Bitrate Adaptation Schemes for Streaming Media Over HTTP

An Architecture for Multimedia Transmission Through Infrared Light Communications in Consumer Electronics Environments: First Results

Network-Protocol-Based IoT Device Identification

An Architecture of a Network Controller for QoS Management in Home Networks with Lots of IoTDevices and Services

ICMPv6SD: A Compact Service Discovery Protocol Supporting Plug-and-Play in Home Networks

Retrofitting Security and Privacy Measures to Smart Home Devices

Raspberry Pi Malware: An Analysis of Cyberattacks Towards IoT Devices


An Intelligent QoS Algorithm for Home Networks

A lightweight service placement approach for community network micro-clouds

Power allocation and routing for full-duplex multi hop wireless networks under full interference

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Survey of Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Based on Cloud Services

Rethinking Home Networks in the Ultrabroadband Era

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Home Networks 홈 네트워크

Home Networks 홈 네트워크
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