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Danger! Women Reading: Feminist Encounters with Art, History and Theory

Working Toward a Socially Just Future in the ELA Methods Class

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Feeling for the deep past: archaeological analogy and historical empathy

The political life of the dead Lumumba: Cold War histories and the Congolese student left

La música de Lupita. Esbozos para una antropología de lo contemporáneo en una comunidad rural mexicana

Practices of Imagination: Learning from the Vision of Thadious Davis

The Mirrors of Princesses: Utopic Geopoetics and Geopolitics in Salman Rushdie’s The Enchantress of Florence

Exhibiting the ‘Strangest of All Empires’: The East India Company, East India House, and Britain’s Asian Empire

Social Realism: The Turns of a Term in the Philippines

Empires of knowledge: introduction

Brudnopisy Tadeusza Kantora – od przestrzenności zapisków do czasowości archiwaliów

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Historical Imagination 역사적 상상력

Historical Imagination 역사적 상상력
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