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Farmers’ perspectives of future management of winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.): A case study from north-eastern Germany

Identifying forecast uncertainties for biogenic gases in the Po Valley related to model configuration in EURAD-IM during PEGASOS 2012

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A Literature Review on Caching Transient Contents in Vehicular Named Data Networking

Scattering of a high-order vector Bessel Gaussian beam by a spherical marine aerosol

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Numerical Model of Seepage Analysis and Slope Stability for Horan Dam H4 in Iraq

Nonlinear Vibration Control Device for a Vehicle Suspension Using Negative Stiffness Mechanism

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Detailed cross comparison of building energy simulation tools results using a reference office building as a case study

The Impact of Covid-19 in E-Commerce. Effects on Consumer Purchase Behavior

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Spatial Risk Analysis of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, A Global Emerging Fungal Pathogen

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Classification of Lampung robusta Specialty Coffee According to Differences in Cherry Processing Methods Using UV Spectroscopy and Chemometrics

Thermal performance of PEG-MWCNTs composites as shape-stabilised phase change materials for thermal energy storage

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Reading Assessment: A Case Study of Teachers’ Beliefs and Classroom Evaluative Practices

The Complex-Order Fractional Laplacian: Stable Operators, Spectral Methods, and Applications to Heterogeneous Media

Assessment of existing steel frames: Numerical study, pseudo-dynamic testing and influence of masonry infills

Effect of the counter-ion on nanocellulose hydrogels and their superabsorbent structure and properties.

Effect of processing conditions and material attributes on the design space of lysozyme pellets prepared by extrusion/spheronization

The development and psychometric validation of the interpersonal geriatric care relationship (InteGer) tool.

State of art of valorising of diverse potential feedstocks for the production of alcohols and ethers: Current changes and perspectives.

Effects of organic matter on the performance of water and wastewater treatment: Electrocoagulation a case study

A Novel Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Classification Plot Through the Liaison of Dynamic Data, Depositional Environments and Rock Texture

DRPLA: An unusual disease or an underestimated cause of ataxia in Brazil?

Common Buzzards wintering strategies as an effect of weather conditions and geographic barriers

Fluorescence moieties as a surrogate for residual chlorine in three drinking water networks

Utilization of eye health services and diabetic retinopathy: a cross-sectional study among persons living with diabetes visiting a tertiary eye care facility in Ghana

Optimization of micro EDM parameters for fabrication of micro rod

An efficient approach towards the generation and analysis of interoperable clinical data in a knowledge graph

Identifying the characteristics of occupation-centred practice: A Delphi study.

Study of Customer Loyalty in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Field of Trade in Bulgaria

Objective Assessment of Physical Activity and Associated Contexts During High School Sport Practices

Multi-State Load Demand Forecasting Using Hybridized Support Vector Regression Integrated with Optimal Design of Off-Grid Energy Systems—A Metaheuristic Approach

Impact of partial confinement of reservoir lotic–lentic transition region on its sediment trapping efficiency

Experimental and numerical evaluation of the compression behaviour of GFRP-wrapped infill materials

Thermodynamic Analysis of a Condensate Heating System from a Marine Steam Propulsion Plant with Steam Reheating

Numerical Analysis of Geocell-Reinforced Embankment Using PLAXIS 3D

Environmental Drivers of the Seasonal Prevalence of Enteropathogenic Bacteria in the Gulf Ecosystem of Gujarat, India: Unravelling Its Diarrheal Enigma

A Review on Advancement in Friction Stir Welding Considering the Tool and Material Parameters

Evaluation of bend curvature of superheater tube using CFD analysis

Effect of molecular structure on phase transition behavior of rice starch with different amylose contents.

Impact of Climate Change on Water Availability in Water Source Areas of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project in China

The effect of grid generated turbulence on the fluidelastic instability response in parallel triangular tube array

QTL Fine Mapping of a Novel Genomic Region Associated With High Out-crossing Rate Derived From Oryza Longistaminata and Development of New CMS Lines in Rice, O. Sativa L.

Hierarchical Aggregation/Disaggregation for Adaptive Abstraction-Level Conversion in Digital Twin-Based Smart Semiconductor Manufacturing

Insight into the generation of hydroxyl radicals by photo-electrocoagulation process via active chlorine

Stability Analysis of the Virtual Inductance for LCL Filtered Droop-controlled Grid-connected Inverters

Suicide Cognitions Scale: Psychometric Support in a Community Sample Using Bifactor Modeling and Altered Item Content.

An efficient method for incorporating modeling uncertainties into collapse fragility of steel structures

The influence of community factors in the implementation of community-based interventions to improve antenatal care: a qualitative study based on the IMCHA programme in Tanzania

A belief-based parenting behavior model for promoting family’s ability to care for children with avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) in Indonesia

Dynamic Performance of Soil–Tunnel System under Transverse Sinusoidal Excitations

Na+-Coupled Respiration and Reshaping of Extracellular Polysaccharide Layer Counteract Monensin-Induced Cation Permeability in Prevotella bryantii B14

Snow model comparison to simulate snow depth evolution and sublimation at point scale in the semi-arid Andes of Chile

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