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Experimental and Theoretical Study of Carbon Dynamics in an Algal-Bacterial Co-Culture

Physical-Chemical and Microbiological Evaluation from Domiciliary Reservoirs

Sulfitobacter profundi sp. nov., isolated from deep seawater

Biohybrid photoheterotrophic metabolism for significant enhancement of biological nitrogen fixation in pure microbial cultures

A synthetic ecosystem for the multi-level modelling of heterotroph-phototroph metabolic interactions

Investigations on Bioleaching of Copper and Zinc Oxide Ores

Physiological and Genomic Characterization of a Nitrate-Reducing Fe(II)-Oxidizing Bacterium Isolated from Paddy Soil

Complete Genome Sequence and Methylome Analysis of Sphaerotilus natans subsp. sulfidivorans D-507

Marine Metabolomics: a Method for Nontargeted Measurement of Metabolites in Seawater by Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry

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Heterotrophic Bacterium 종속영양세균

Heterotrophic Bacterium 종속영양세균
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