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Auxiliary Module Promotes the Synthesis of Carboxysomes in E. coli to Achieve High-Efficiency CO2 Assimilation.

Refining Metabolic Mass Transfer for Efficient Biosynthesis of Plant Natural Products in Yeast

[Microbial synthesis of plant polyphenols].

[Germacrene-derived sesquiterpene lactones:opportunities and challenges for biosynthesis].

Engineered Accumulation of Bicarbonate in Plant Chloroplasts: Known Knowns and Known Unknowns

Microcystin biosynthesis and toxic effects

Biosynthesis of Soyasapogenol B by Engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Progress in heterologous biosynthesis of forskolin.

Production of raspberry ketone by redirecting the metabolic flux to the phenylpropanoid pathway in tobacco plants

Advances in the metabolic engineering of Yarrowia lipolytica for the production of terpenoids.

Construction of synthetic pathways for raspberry ketone production in engineered Escherichia coli

Yarrowia lipolytica construction for heterologous synthesis of α-santalene and fermentation optimization

Biosynthesis of cycloartenol by expression of plant and bacterial oxidosqualene cyclases in engineered Rhodobacter capsulatus

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Heterologous Synthesis 이종 합성

Heterologous Synthesis 이종 합성
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