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Understanding High-Energy 75-MeV Sulfur-Ion Irradiation-Induced Degradation in GaN-Based Heterostructures: The Role of the GaN Channel Layer

Scandium-Based Ohmic Contacts to InAlN/GaN Heterostructures on Silicon

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T-gate ALGaN/GaN HEMT with effective recess engineering for enhancement mode operation

Investigation of Quaternary Barrier InAlGaN/GaN/AlGaN Double-Heterojunction High-Electron-Mobility Transistors (HEMTs) for High-Speed and High-Power Applications

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HfO2 as gate insulator on N-polar GaN–AlGaN heterostructures

Electron transport in N-polar GaN-based heterostructures

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Improved Channel Electron Mobility Through Electric Field Reduction in GaN Quantum-Well Double-Heterostructures

Анализ влияния спейсерных слоев на нелинейные искажения вольт-амперных характеристик pHEMT на основе соединения GaAlAs/InGaAs

A Novel Approach for Room-Temperature Intersubband Transition in GaN HEMT for Terahertz Applications

A Poisson–Schrodinger and cellular automaton coupled approach for two-dimensional electron gas transport modeling of GaN-based high mobility electron transistors

Transport properties of AlGaN/GaN HEMT structures with back barrier: impact of dislocation density and improved design

Analysis of AlGaN/GaN HEMT and Its Operational Improvement Using a Grated Gate Field Plate

The Radiation Hardness of Quantum Dot Embedded in High Electron Mobility Transistor Force-Sensitive Structure

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The Performance Analysis of 70nm T-gate InAlN/AlN MOS-HEMT using Graded Buffer

Suppressing Buffer-Induced Current Collapse in GaN HEMTs with a Source-Connected p-GaN (SCPG): A Simulation Study

Local trap spectroscopy on cross-sectioned AlGaN/GaN devices with in situ biasing

Optical characterization of InAlN/AlN/InGaN/GaN/sapphire high electron mobility transistor structures

An AlGaN/GaN HEMT by the periodic pits in the buffer layer

Electron-spin-resonance studies of AlGaN/GaN MIS-HEMT structures with Al2O3 fabricated by atomic layer deposition

Design and analysis of 10 nm T-gate enhancement-mode MOS-HEMT for high power microwave applications

Properties of the Two-Dimensional Electron-Gas of a Hybrid MgZnO/InGaN/ZnO Heterostructure with an InGaN Channel Layer

Investigation of Structural, Optical and Electrical Properties of Al0.3Ga0.7N/GaN HEMT Grown by MOCVD

Growth behavior of GaN on AlN for fully coalesced channel of AlN-based HEMT

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Hemt Structure 헴트 구조

Hemt Structure 헴트 구조
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