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Evaluating a Sport-Based Mental Health Literacy Intervention in Australian Amateur Sporting Adolescents.

Global research activity on mental health literacy

Help-seeking intentions in the U.S. population during the COVID-19 pandemic: Examining the role of COVID-19 financial hardship, suicide risk, and stigma

Explaining the Help-Seeking Intentions of Adolescents Subject to Sexual Exploitation in Tanzania: An Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior.

Trigger warnings: A quantitative study on the stigmatization of individuals with a mental illness and university students’ help-seeking intentions

The intersection of housing and mental well-being: Examining the needs of formerly homeless young adults transitioning to stable housing

Relations Between Interpersonal Hopelessness and Help-Seeking Intentions and Behaviors in Suicidal Individuals.

Lower help-seeking intentions mediate subsequent depressive symptoms among adolescents with high autistic traits: a population-based cohort study

Crisis-management, Anti-stigma, and Mental Health Literacy Program for University Students (CAMPUS): Evaluating longitudinal efficacy for reducing suicide risk

Facilitating improvements in young people’s social relationships to prevent or treat depression: there’s an app for that

Profiles of mental health help seeking among Australian adolescent males.

Teen Dating Violence Help-Seeking Intentions and Behaviors Among Ethnically and Racially Diverse Youth: A Systematic Review.

Dimensionality and Reliability of the Intentions to Seeking Counseling Inventory with International Students

Predictors of help-seeking behaviour in people with mental health problems: a 3-year prospective community study

From writing tasks to a public service announcement: Experimentally assessing savoring as a means of increasing help-seeking for depression.

A Reasoned Action Approach to Depression Help-Seeking Messaging for College Students: Implications of Cognitive Biases in Depression.

How does attachment imagery for paranoia work? Cognitive fusion and beliefs about self and others mediate the impact on paranoia and anxiety.

Social and cultural determinants of help-seeking in Cuba and Germany – A structural equation model approach

Investigation of the Effects of an Online Support Group for Mental Health Problems on Stigma and Help-Seeking Among Japanese Adults: Cross-sectional Study

Silence is Deadly: A controlled trial of a public health intervention to promote help-seeking in adolescent males.

Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior to Identify Variables Related to Academic Help Seeking in Higher Education


The Impact of Repeated Attachment Priming on Paranoia, Mood and Help-Seeking Intentions in an Analogue Sample

Medical help-seeking intentions for cognitive impairment by the patient.

The Impact of Provider Biphobia and Microaffirmations on Bisexual Individuals’ Treatment-Seeking Intentions

The Youth Aware of Mental Health program in Australian Secondary Schools: 3- and 6-month outcomes

Asian international students’ help-seeking intentions and behavior in American Postsecondary Institutions

Comparing staff and inmates’ perceptions of mental health support in prison

1Development of persuasive message to encourage help-seeking for depression

Fear of Stigma Mediates the Relationship between Internalized Stigma and Treatment-Seeking among Individuals with Substance Use Problems

You can tell me anything: Disclosure of suicidal thoughts and behaviors in psychotherapy.

Lower help-seeking intentions and subsequent depressive symptoms among adolescents with high autistic traits: A population-based cohort study

A cluster randomised controlled trial of a web-based youth mental health service in Australian schools

Parental Authoritativeness, Social Support and Help-seeking for Mental Health Problems in Adolescents

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Help Seeking Intentions 의도를 찾는 데 도움

Help Seeking Intentions 의도를 찾는 데 도움
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