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Investigation on noise generation of open cavity flow using Lagrangian coherent structures

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On the General Solutions of Some Non-Homogeneous Div-Curl Systems with Riemann–Liouville and Caputo Fractional Derivatives

Electric Vector Potential Approach in Electrostatics: The Surface Electrode

GBC and Helmholtz-Galerkin Technique for the Analysis of Plane Wave Scattering from Graphene Covered Thin Dielectric Disk

A Posteriori Error Estimates for Multilevel Methods for Graph Laplacians

Locating microseismic events using multiplicative time reversal imaging based on decoupled wavefields in 2D VTI media: Theoretical and synthetic cases studies

Compressibility effect in hypersonic boundary layer with isothermal wall condition

An a posteriori error estimate for a dual mixed method applied to Stokes system with non-null source terms

Accurate and Efficient Analysis of the Field Scattered from a Thin Dielectric Disk Near the Disk Natural Mode Resonances by means of GBC and MAP

Fluid-Structure Interactions in Discrete Mechanics

Scattering From a Thin Resistive Disk: A Guaranteed Fast Convergence Technique

The rotational and divergent components of atmospheric circulation on tidally locked planets

Stochastic Chaos and Markov Blankets

Equivalent Conditions for the Consistency of the Helmholtz Decomposition of Muckenhoupt Ap-Weighted Lp-Spaces

Towards Accurate Discretization of Arbitrary Right-Hand Side Excitations on Multiply-Connected Geometries

Divergence-Free Fitting-Based Incompressible Deformation Quantification of Liver

Analytic Solution of Surface-Volume-Surface Electric Field Integral Equation on Dielectric Sphere and Analysis of Its Spectral Properties

A highly accurate boundary integral method for the elastic obstacle scattering problem

Anisotropic Statistics of Lagrangian Structure Functions and Helmholtz Decomposition

Analysis of the Scattering from a Two Stacked Thin Resistive Disks Resonator by Means of the Helmholtz–Galerkin Regularizing Technique

Analysis of Variational Formulations and Low-regularity Solutions for Time-harmonic Electromagnetic Problems in Complex Anisotropic Media

Effect of wall temperature on the kinetic energy transfer in a hypersonic turbulent boundary layer

Electromagnetic Scattering from a Graphene Disk: Helmholtz-Galerkin Technique and Surface Plasmon Resonances

Anisotropic statistics of Lagrangian structure functions and Helmholtz decomposition

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Helmholtz Decomposition 헬름홀츠 분해

Helmholtz Decomposition 헬름홀츠 분해
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