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Relationship of Halitosis Concern with Oral Health Behaviors and Knowledge Among Myanmar People

Evaluating an Oral Health Education Intervention in Chinese Undocumented Migrant Mothers of Infants in Northern Ireland

Effects of integrated economic and health interventions with women’s groups on health-related knowledge, behaviours and outcomes in low-income and middle-income countries: a systematic review protocol

Knowledge of Safe Abortion Care Services and Associated Factors Among Women of Reproductive Age Working at Non-Health Sector Public Institutions in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Evaluation of anti-stigma social marketing campaigns in Ghana and Kenya: Time to Change Global

Overcoming constraints of the model minority stereotype to advance Asian American health.

Attitudes of Bulgarian students toward the introduction of health education as a new discipline in the high school curriculum

Implementing health communication tools at scale: mobile audio messaging and paper-based job aids for front-line workers providing community health education to mothers in Bihar, India

Associations of psychosocial factors, knowledge, attitudes and practices with hospitalizations in internal medicine divisions in different population groups in Israel

Public health awareness: knowledge, attitude and behaviors of the public on health risks during COVID-19 pandemic in sultanate of Oman

Generic health literacy of adolescents in Germany: Results of a nationwide cross-sectional survey

Negotiating the transition from acute hospital care to home: perspectives of patients with traumatic brain injury, caregivers and healthcare providers

Patient Experience and Predictors of Improvement in a Group Behavioral and Educational Intervention for Individuals With Diabetes and Serious Mental Illness: Mixed Methods Case Study


Community-Based Accompaniment for Adolescents Transitioning to Adult HIV Care in Urban Peru: a Pilot Study

Social media use informing behaviours related to physical activity, diet and quality of life during COVID-19: a mixed methods study

Social status and novelty drove the spread of online information during the early stages of COVID-19

Local and regional politicians’ considerations of newly arrived migrants’ health in political decision-making: a public health study in northern Sweden

Change in periodontal status, oral health knowledge, attitude, and practices following video-based counseling: A cross-sectional study

Relationship between oral health-related knowledge, attitudes, practice, self-rated oral health and oral health-related quality of life among Chinese college students: a structural equation modeling approach

Living with food allergy: What this means for children.

Developing an Instrument to Measure Self-Efficacy, Challenges and Knowledge in Oral Care among Geriatric Home Care Nurses—A Pilot Study

The correlation of altitude with gingival status among adolescents in western China: a cross-sectional study

GP lead medical student visits to primary schools can provide a valuable learning experience for both students and pupils.

Healthcare Practitioner’s Views on the Teddy Bear Hospital (TBH) by IMACATS in Malaysia

Elementary Students’ Knowledge Development during the Implementation of “After School Exercise” Program

Children’s pictures of COVID-19 and measures to mitigate its spread: An international qualitative study

Description of an integrated e-health monitoring system in a Portuguese higher education institution: the e.cuidHaMUstm program.

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Health Related Knowledge 건강 관련 지식
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