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Health Regions sentence examples within Two Health Regions

Modelling the impact of household size distribution on the transmission dynamics of COVID-19

Advice from Canadian Mothers Who Express Human Milk: An Interpretive Description Qualitative Study

Health Regions sentence examples within Acros Health Regions

Surveying providers to identify gaps in perinatal mental health services during the COVID-19 pandemic

Mapping the Spatial Variability of Sexually Transmitted Infections Across Fiji Health Regions

Health Regions sentence examples within Public Health Regions

Face masks, public policies and slowing the spread of COVID-19: Evidence from Canada

Identification of Variable Importance for Predictions of Mortality From COVID-19 Using AI Models for Ontario, Canada

Health Regions sentence examples within Fmy Health Regions

Can facility-based transitional care improve patient flow? Lessons from four Canadian regions

Self-reported quality of life in people with dementia attending a day-care programme in Norway: A 24-month quasi-experimental study.

Health Regions sentence examples within Five Health Regions

How New Mexico Leveraged a COVID-19 Case Forecasting Model to Preemptively Address the Health Care Needs of the State: Quantitative Analysis

Indigenous End-of-Life Doula Course: Bringing the Culture Home

Health Regions sentence examples within Different Health Regions

Characterization and distribution of pesticide use from 2015 to 2019, by health regions in the state of Rondônia (RO), Amazon, Brazil

Intersectoral actions between health and education: notes on the Health at School Program

Health Regions sentence examples within 6 Health Regions

COVID-19 and the Impact of Cash Transfers on Health Care Use in Togo

Effect of COVID-19 on the risk of household demand for health care in Togo

Health Regions sentence examples within Brazilian Health Regions

Geographical variation in demand, utilization, and outcomes of hospital services for COVID-19 in Brazil: A descriptive serial cross-sectional study

Enfrentando desigualdades na saúde: impasses e dilemas do processo de regionalização no Brasil

Health Regions sentence examples within Administrative Health Regions

NeMoR: a New Method Based on Data-Driven for Neonatal Mortality Rate Forecasting

Home care nursing after elective vascular surgery: an opportunity to reduce emergency department visits and hospital readmission

Health Regions sentence examples within Provincial Health Regions

Disparities in modifiable cancer risk factors among Canadian provinces, territories, and health regions.

143. Chiropractors treating patients with acute lower back pain in a spine treatment pathway model: a five-year prospective cohort study

Health Regions sentence examples within Large Health Regions

Prevalence, management and outcomes associated with anaemia in ICU survivors: a retrospective study

Clinical, Radiological, and Demographic Details of Benign External Hydrocephalus: A Population-Based Study.

Health Regions sentence examples within Urban Health Regions

Despite Interventions, Emergency Flow Stagnates in Urban Western Canada.

Molecular surveillance of hepatitis C virus genotypes identifies the emergence of a genotype 4d lineage among men in Quebec, 2001-2017.

Health Regions sentence examples within 14 Health Regions

Detection of COVID-19 case clusters in Québec, May–October 2020

Factores que intervienen en la percepción que las usuarias tienen de la calidad de atención en planificación familiar: un análisis secundario

Health Regions sentence examples within Three Health Regions

Lessons learned implementing and managing the DIVERT-CARE trial: practice recommendations for a community-based chronic disease self-management model

Tobacco advertisement, promotion and sponsorship ban enforcement index at sales points in Panama, 2017

Health Regions sentence examples within Six Health Regions

Prevalence of HIV/Syphilis and risk behaviors in female sex workers in Paraguay

Smartphone use by government dermatology practitioners in Kuwait: a self-reported questionnaire based cross-sectional study

Aspectos epidemiológicos do vírus da dengue em mulheres grávidas no Estado do Pará, no período de 2015 a 2019

Beyond the host nation: an investigation of trickle-down effects in the ‘Hometowns’ of Canadian athletes who competed at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Studying the social determinants of COVID‐19 in a data vacuum

Regional differences in cervical cancer incidence and associated risk behaviors among Norwegian women: a population-based study

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[Spending on primary healthcare in two government administrations in Chile since the dictatorship].

Recent Trends in Cardiovascular Mortality in Rio de Janeiro State Health Regions and Capital.

Disparities in multimorbidity and mortality among people living with and without HIV across British Columbia’s health regions: a population-based cohort study

Criteria for Assessing and Recommending Digital Diabetes Tools: A Delphi Study

Oferta assistencial de leitos de referência à covid-19 nas regiões de saúde de Pernambuco

Evolution of neonatal mortality by preventable causes over the past ten years in Espírito Santo State

A comparison of clinical outcomes, service satisfaction and well-being in people using acute day units and crisis resolution teams: cohort study in England

Effect of COVID-19 on demand for healthcare in Togo

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Characterizing the disproportionate burden of SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern among essential workers in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada

Trend and spatial distribution of infectious diseases in pregnant women in the state of Paraná-Brazil*

Acute circulatory complications in people with diabetes mellitus type 2: How admission varies between urban and rural Victoria

An exploratory study into the use of Lean Six Sigma to reduce medication errors in the Norwegian public healthcare context.

Effects of Urban Violence on Primary Healthcare: The Challenges of Community Health Workers in Performing House Calls in Dangerous Areas

Factors Leading Municipal Authorities to Implement Preventive Interventions for Lyme Disease

Mapping Physiotherapy Use in Canada in Relation to Physiotherapist Distribution.

Service availability and capacity in rural mental health in Australia: Analysing gaps using an Integrated Mental Health Atlas

[Prevalence of comorbidity tuberculosis and diabetes mellitus in Paraguay, 2016 and 2017Prevalência de comorbidade tuberculose-diabetes mellitus no Paraguai, 2016 e 2017].

More Health Regions 건강 지역 sentence examples

The Organization of Secondary Outpatient Care at SHS-DF.

Australian mental health caregiver burden: a smallest space analysis

A longitudinal analysis of temporal and spatial incidence of neonatal abstinence syndrome in Ontario: 2003-2016.

Correlates of seeking emergency medical help in the event of an overdose in British Columbia, Canada: Findings from the Take Home Naloxone program.

How the State Acts on Public Health Systems: the Case of the Brazilian Unified Health System

Validation of data quality in the Swedish National Register for Breast Cancer

Models of paediatric learning for UK primary care clinicians: An unmet need

A circularidade dos médicos em cinco regiões de São Paulo, Brasil: padrões e fatores intervenientes

More Health Regions 건강 지역 sentence examples

Access to viral hepatitis care: distribution of health services in the Northern region of Brazil.

Drug-free psychiatric treatment - what do the patients think?

More Health Regions 건강 지역 sentence examples

Internações por condições sensíveis à atenção primária: um estudo ecológico

More Health Regions 건강 지역 sentence examples

Care handover to chronic conditions to regionalized planning.

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