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Physical activity for patients with CKD

The Health Literacy Status and Its Role in Interventions in Iran: A Systematic and Meta-Analysis

Influences on the physical activity of Syrian migrants in Germany: results of a qualitative study.

Integrating Health at Every Size principles into adolescent care

Health and Well-Being of Hispanic/Latino Meatpacking Workers in Nebraska: An Application of the Health Belief Model.

Active arts engagement and depression in older adults in the United States: Longitudinal evidence from the Health and Retirement Study

Health-Promoting Lifestyle and Its Predictors in Adolescent Survivors of Childhood Cancer

The Role of Health Informatics in Facilitating Communication Strategies for Community Health Workers in Clinical Settings: A Scoping Review.

Examining Health Behaviors of Chronic Disease Caregivers in the U.S.

Understanding, trusting, and applying scientific insights to improve your health: A latent profile analysis approach

The Negative Impact of Parental Smoking on Adolescents’ Health-Promoting Behaviors: A Cross-Sectional Study

Risk Factors and Leadership in a Digitalized Working World and Their Effects on Employees’ Stress and Resources: Web-Based Questionnaire Study

Social and Emotional Wellbeing (SEW) Intervention for Mental Health Promotion Among Resettled Bhutanese Adults in Massachusetts

Health behaviors and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic: A longitudinal population-based survey in Germany

Effects of Environmental Worry on Fruit and Vegetable Intake

Promoting Media Literacy Online: An Intervention on Performance and Appearance Enhancement Substances with Sport High School Students

HIV Prevention and Treatment Behavior Change and the Situated Information Motivation Behavioral Skills (sIMB) Model: A Qualitative Evaluation of a Community Health Worker Intervention in Rakai, Uganda

The association between social support and psychological factors with health-promoting behaviours in pregnant women: A cross-sectional study

“Overlapping and intersecting challenges”: Parent and provider perspectives on youth adversity during community reentry after incarceration

Lay Public View of Neuroscience and Science-Based Brain Health Recommendations in Slovenia

Acute Care Management During a Pandemic

The Impact of Paid Maternity Leave on Maternal Health

COVID-19 vaccine willingness and cannabis use histories

Orthorexia nervosa vs. healthy orthorexia: relationships with disordered eating, eating behavior, and healthy lifestyle choices

Global Quality Statements on Reliever Use in Asthma in Adults and Children Older than 5 Years of Age

Variation in urine osmolality throughout pregnancy: a longitudinal, randomized-control trial among women with overweight and obesity

Health-Promoting Behaviors, Health Literacy, and Levels of Knowledge about Smoking-Related Diseases among Smokers and Non-smokers: A Cross-Sectional Study

Health Promoting Behaviors and Risk of Cardiovascular Events among Patients with Cardiovascular Diseases

Feasibility and acceptability of a telehealth behavior change intervention for promoting physical activity and fruit and vegetable consumption among rural-living young adult cancer survivors.

The Effect of an Empowerment Program on the Health-promoting Behaviors of Iranian Women Workers: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Evaluation of a Behavioral Self-care Intervention Administered through a Massive Open Online Course

Physioprophylaxis in the cognitive and practical competences of physical education students from Poland and Belarus

Assessment of Health-Promoting Lifestyle among Dental Students in Zagreb, Croatia

Childhood Socioeconomic Position, Adult Educational Attainment and Health Behaviors: The Role of Psychological Capital and Health Literacy

The Relationship Between the Implementation of Statutory Preventative Measures, Perceived Susceptibility of COVID-19, and Personality Traits in the Initial Stage of Corona-Related Lockdown: A German and Austrian Population Online Survey

Motivating people to stay at home: using the Health Belief Model to improve the effectiveness of public health messaging during the COVID-19 pandemic

Health-promoting behaviors mediate the relationship between eHealth literacy and health-related quality of life among Chinese older adults: a cross-sectional study

Rural Community Health in Nicaragua: Needs Assessment Results and Self-Reported Health Status

The Impacts of Pilates and Yoga on Health-Promoting Behaviors and Subjective Health Status

567-P: The Role of Family History In Self-Management of T2D: A Qualitative Examination

Health-Promoting Lifestyle in Colorectal Cancer Survivors: A Qualitative Study on the Experiences and Perspectives of Colorectal Cancer Survivors and Healthcare Providers


Assessment of the Health-Promoting Behaviors of Hospitalized Patients with Non-Communicable Diseases During the Second Wave of COVID-19

The relation between psychological need satisfaction in acute psychiatric hospital and recovery among emerging adults: A self-determination theory approach.

Gender Marginalization in Sports Participation through Advertising: The Case of Nike

Articulating the Trauma-Informed Theory of Individual Health Behavior.

Gynecological Problems, Health Behaviors and Health Promotion among Women: Does it Matters in Pakistan?

The Effect of Empowerment-Based E-Learning on Health-Promoting Behaviors in Female Adolescents

Fear of Cancer Progression and Health Behaviors in Patients with Colorectal Cancer.

The Effects of Lifestyle Interventions on the Health-Promoting Behavior, Type D Personality, Cognitive Function and Body Composition of Low-Income Middle-Aged Korean Women

Effect of Education Based on the Theory of Planned Behavior on Health Promoting Behaviors in 12-14-Year-Old Girls

The Relationship between the Subjective Health Status, e-Health Literacy, Health Literacy and Health Promoting Behavior in Under Graduate Nursing Students

Effects of health promoting education program for Korean middle-aged women

Can Dream Science Be Used To Elicit Healthy Behaviors

The Role of Health Beliefs and Illness Perceptions in Predicting Health-Promoting Behaviors in Cancer Patients

Smoking Behavior, smoking Motivation, stress, Physical Condition and Health Promotion Behavior of College students with No smoking Intention

Factors Influencing Posttraumatic Growth of Gynecologic Oncology Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy

Addressing Internalized Weight Bias and Changing Damaged Social Identities for People Living With Obesity

Feasibility and acceptability of a pilot tailored text messaging intervention for adolescents and young adults completing cancer treatment

Study of the Successful Aging of the Elderly Women in Rural Area

Risky Behaviors and Health-Promoting Behaviors in Young Adults: An Epidemiological Study

“Exercise during hemodialysis and health promoting behaviors: a clinical trial”

Knowledge and health promoting lifestyle behaviors about menopause among perimenopausal female teachers

Promoting Outdoor Physical Activity for People and Pets: Opportunities for Veterinarians to Engage in Public Health

Influences of Social Support and Health Promotion Behavior on Aging Anxiety among Middle Aged Women

Health promoting-behaviors and its relation with the risk of type 2 diabetes in women referred to community health centers in Rasht

The relationship between health literacy and health promoting behaviors among adults in Bushehr

An exploration of healthy eating and physical activity habits of Hmong high-school students by disability status: A pilot study.

Changes in sexual behaviors following diagnosis with HIV: patterns and correlates among people living with HIV (PLHIV) in China

Feasibility and effectiveness assessment of a mobile application for subhealth management

Factors influencing the adoption of health promoting behaviors in overweight pregnant women: a qualitative study

A Study on the Relationship Between the Variables Related to the Health Promoting Behavior of the Elderly

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