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Health Programmes sentence examples within Public Health Programmes

Personality-related factors among incarcerated recidivist drug dealers: A path analysis.

Songs for health education and promotion: a systematic review with recommendations.

Health Programmes sentence examples within Mental Health Programmes

Prevalence and severity of secondary traumatic stress and optimism in Indian health care professionals during COVID-19 lockdown

Design and implementation of the Professional Wellbeing Programme of the Medical Council Association of Uruguay.

Health Programmes sentence examples within Reproductive Health Programmes

Socio-demographic determinants of pregnancy termination among adolescent girls and young women in selected high fertility countries in sub-Saharan Africa

Social Support Structures; A catalyst to Sustainable Adolescents’ Reproductive Health Programming in Ghana

Health Programmes sentence examples within Child Health Programmes

Cochrane corner: interventions for preventing ophthalmia neonatorum

A Systematic Review of Antenatal Risk Scoring Systems in India to Predict Adverse Neonatal Outcomes

Health Programmes sentence examples within National Health Programmes

Tuberculosis, a preventable pandemic through sensitization programme

Assessment of health-related quality of life among patients with non-communicable diseases

Health Programmes sentence examples within Oral Health Programmes

Pain perception and dental anxiety during periodontal probing in patients visiting community oral health programme: a cross sectional study

Including oral diseases and conditions in universal health coverage

Health Programmes sentence examples within School Health Programmes

The role of principals in school health promotion in South Africa: a qualitative study

Cost and budget impact analysis of a school-based vision screening programme in Cambodia and Ghana: implications for policy and programme scale-up

Health Programmes sentence examples within New Health Programmes

Interplaying role of healthcare activist and homemaker: a mixed-methods exploration of the workload of community health workers (Accredited Social Health Activists) in India

Barriers and opportunities to using health information in policy implementation: The case of adolescent and youth friendly health services in the Western Cape

Health Programmes sentence examples within Community Health Programmes

An exploratory study of the barriers and facilitators to the implementation of community health worker programmes in conflict-affected South Sudan.

Geographic barriers to achieving universal health coverage: evidence from rural Madagascar.

Health Programmes sentence examples within Global Health Programmes

Pathways of change for achieving sustainability results: A tool to facilitate adaptive programming.

Is the cure really worse than the disease? The health impacts of lockdowns during COVID-19

Health Programmes sentence examples within Herd Health Programmes

A descriptive retrospective study on mortality and involuntary culling in beef and dairy cattle production systems of Western Australia (1981-2018).

What is the future of cattle veterinary practice?

Health Programmes sentence examples within Local Health Programmes

Socio-demographic, not environmental, risk factors explain fine-scale spatial patterns of diarrhoeal disease in Ifanadiana, rural Madagascar

Testing the effect of an integrated-intervention to promote access to sexual and reproductive healthcare and rights among women with disabilities in Ghana: a quasi-experimental study protocol

Health Programmes sentence examples within Variou Health Programmes

Managing Health at District Level: A Framework for Enhancing Programme Implementation in India

E-health initiatives for screening and management of diabetes in rural Rajasthan

Health Programmes sentence examples within Mobile Health Programmes

Problematic problem diagnostics: why digital health interventions for community health workers do not always achieve their desired impact

Ten lessons learnt: scaling and transitioning one of the largest mobile health communication programmes in the world to a national government

Health Programmes sentence examples within Maternal Health Programmes

Moderating Influence of Contextual Determinants on Relationship between Monitoring and Evaluation Practices and Performance of County Maternal Health Programmes in Kenya

Male involvement in promotion of safe motherhood in low- and middle-income countries: A scoping review.

Health Programmes sentence examples within Acros Health Programmes

WHO digital health packages for disseminating data standards and data use practices

‘Learn from the lessons and don’t forget them’: identifying transferable lessons for COVID-19 from meningitis A, yellow fever and Ebola virus disease vaccination campaigns

Health Programmes sentence examples within health programmes designed

Stigma, Denial of Health Services, and Other Human Rights Violations Faced by Sex Workers in Africa: “My Eyes Were Full of Tears Throughout Walking Towards the Clinic that I Was Referred to”

Prevalence and correlates of comprehensive HIV/AIDS knowledge among adolescent girls and young women aged 15–24 years in Malawi: evidence from the 2015–16 Malawi demographic and health survey

Health Programmes sentence examples within health programmes may

Child mortality in Bangladesh – why, when, where and how? A national survey-based analysis

Cost effectiveness of simplified HCV screening-and-treatment interventions for people who inject drugs in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.

Stakeholder perspectives on the implementation and impact of Indigenous health interventions: A systematic review of qualitative studies

Status of Lymphatic Filariasis in Security Challenged Areas of Borno State, Nigeria

Test@work: evaluation of workplace HIV testing for construction workers using the RE-AIM framework

Enabling patient communication for hospitalised patients during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic

The use of mobile phones for the prevention and control of arboviral diseases: a scoping review

WhatsApp-based intervention for promoting physical activity among female college students, Saudi Arabia: a randomized controlled trial.

Application of the Ultra-Poverty Graduation Model in understanding community health volunteers’ preferences for socio-economic empowerment strategies to enhance retention: a qualitative study in Kilifi, Kenya

Knowledge, attitude, and behaviours on diet, physical activity, and tobacco use among school students: A cross-sectional study in two Indian states

Adolescent health in sub‐Saharan Africa: results from the ARISE Network

Community health workers at the dawn of a new era: 4. Programme financing

Development of a Conceptual Framework for e-Health Readiness Assessment in the Context of Developing Countries

The application of social innovation in healthcare: a scoping review

Progress in the face of cuts: a qualitative Nigerian case study of maintaining progress towards universal health coverage after losing donor assistance

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