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Negotiating Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Performing Migrant Domestic Work in Contentious Conditions

First-Person, Third-Person, or Bystander? Exploring the Persuasive Influence of Perspective in Mental Health Narratives

Health Narratives sentence examples within Global Health Narratives

Instructive roles and supportive relationships: client perspectives of their engagement with community health workers in a rural south African home visiting program

Narrative Medicine Meets Planetary Health: Mindsets Matter in the Anthropocene

The effects of health narratives: Examining the moderating role of persuasive intent

Reflexivity denied? The emotional and health-seeking resources of men facing disadvantage.

Narrative mapping: Listening with health, healing, and illness narratives in the classroom

Exploring the Health Narratives of Chinese Female Migrant Workers through Culture-Centered and Gender Perspectives

When Breath Becomes Air: Constructing Stable Narrative Identity during Terminal Illness

Sharing on Social Network Sites following Carrie Fisher’s Death: Responses to Her Mental Health Advocacy

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