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Palliative care providers’ use of digital health and perspectives on technological innovation: a national study

Digital health interventions for COVID-19 in China: a retrospective analysis

Health Innovations sentence examples within Global Health Innovations

White Paper series: Technical assistance support for health innovations in low and middle-income countries

Evaluation of the HIT System to improve early infant diagnosis outcomes in Kenya

Health Innovations sentence examples within Public Health Innovations

Industrial Elites, Philanthrocapitalism and the Institutionalisation of Visiting Nursing in Interwar Luxembourg

Public Health Innovation through Cloud Adoption: A Comparative Analysis of Drivers and Barriers in Japan, South Korea, and Singapore

Health Innovations sentence examples within Mobile Health Innovations

Human Factors and Organizational Issues in Health Informatics: Innovations and Opportunities

HealthSense: Software-defined Mobile-based Clinical Trials

Health Innovations sentence examples within Mental Health Innovations

Barriers and drivers to stakeholder engagement in global mental health projects

Mental health Apps to address inequitable access to care in specific regions of the global North and South: A scoping review

Health Innovations sentence examples within Effective Health Innovations

Evidence on scaling in health and social care: protocol for a living umbrella review

Evidence on Scaling in Health and Social Care: Protocol for a Living Umbrella Review

Health Innovations sentence examples within health innovations remain

Sink or swim: innovations in aquatic health.

HealthSense: Software-defined Mobile-based Clinical Trials

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A technology-assisted life of recovery from psychosis

Mobile Complex Care Plans to Enhance Parental Engagement for Children With Medical Complexity

Telehealth Innovations in Remote Healthcare Services Delivery

Implementation of Innovative Medical Technologies In German Inpatient Care: Patterns of Utilization And Evidence Development

The Respiratory Therapy Practice-Based Outcomes Initiative (RT-PBOI): Developing a framework to explore the value added by respiratory therapists to health care in Alberta

Why is repositioning public health innovation towards a social paradigm necessary? A reflection on the field of public health through the examples of Ebola and Covid-19

Factorial Structure of the Transactional eHealth Literacy Among Vietnamese Youth: An Instrument Validation Study

Development of a Conceptual Framework for e-Health Readiness Assessment in the Context of Developing Countries

Are Health Innovations Techno-economic or Social Values in a period of a Health Crisis? A Reflection on the Field of Public Health through the Examples of Ebola and Covid-19

A hybrid method of healthcare delivery research and human-centered design to develop technology-enabled support for caregivers of hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients

Client perceptions of the BreastScreen Australia remote radiology assessment model

Electrolyte abnormalities in patients hospitalized with COVID-19

Universities as Partners in Primary Health Care Innovation

Implementation stages in practice: A review of behavioral health innovation within hospitals.

Rising to the challenges of the pandemic: Telehealth innovations in U.S. emergency departments

Measuring the effectiveness and impact of COVID-19 health policies on firms and UNSDGs: evidence from China

Longitudinal Profile of Antibody Response to SARS-CoV-2 in Patients with COVID-19 in a Setting from Sub–Saharan Africa: A Prospective Longitudinal Study

Protecting and Promoting Systems for Essential Health Services During Rollout of COVID-19 Tools

Implementation and evaluation of an e-health innovation for personalized care for patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS): protocol for a participatory action research study

mHealth Conceptual Model for Providing Quality Antenatal Care in Health Centers during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic

Copyright as a Barrier to Music Therapy Telehealth Interventions: Qualitative Interview Study

UAE Resident Users’ Perceptions of Healthcare Applications from Dubai Health Authority: Preliminary Insights

A critical evaluation of the National Innovation Accelerator programme: comparing eHealth and medical device-based innovations

Double burden or single duty to care? Health innovators’ perspectives on environmental considerations in health innovation design

Harmonizing scientific rigor with political urgency: policy learnings for identifying accelerators for scale-up from the safe childbirth checklist programme in Rajasthan, India

Innovation diffusion: how homogenous networks influence the uptake of community-based injectable contraceptives

What drives E-Health usage? Integrated institutional forces and top management perspectives

“Our culture prohibits some things”: Qualitative inquiry into how sociocultural context influences the scale up of community-based injectable contraceptives in Nigeria

Identifying strategies to promote team science in dissemination and implementation research

The National Star Model of Medical Informatics Education in Montenegro

Context and implementation of advanced nursing practice in two countries: An exploratory qualitative comparative study.

Care Team Perspectives and Acceptance of Telehealth in Scaling a Home-Based Primary Care Program: Qualitative Study

Development of an evidence-based e-health readiness assessment framework for Uganda.

Why does the NHS struggle to adopt eHealth innovations? A review of macro, meso and micro factors

The Co-Constitution of Health Systems and Innovation

Deliberating as a Public Representative or as a Potential User? Two Complementary Perspectives that Should Inform Health Innovation Policy

Investigating the relationships between health and innovation systems to guide innovation adoption

Health Innovation in Patty Products. The Role of Food Neophobia in Consumers’ Non-Hypothetical Willingness to Pay, Purchase Intention and Hedonic Evaluation

Can innovations in traditional pork products help thriving EU untapped pig breeds? A non-hypothetical discrete choice experiment with hedonic evaluation.

Beyond cost-effectiveness: A five-step framework for appraising the value of health technologies in Asia-Pacific.

Analisis Keberlanjutan Inovasi Lokal : Studi Kasus Inovasi e-Health Cimalaka Sehat

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