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Haze Event sentence examples within Severe Haze Event

Estimating the Contribution of Local Primary Emissions to Particulate Pollution Using High‐Density Station Observations

Measurement techniques for identifying and quantifying hydroxymethanesulfonate (HMS) in an aqueous matrix and particulate matter using aerosol mass spectrometry and ion chromatography

Haze Event sentence examples within Heavy Haze Event

The Effects of the Trans-Regional Transport of PM2.5 on a Heavy Haze Event in the Pearl River Delta in January 2015

[Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Air Quality and Cause Analysis of Heavy Pollution in Northeast China].

Haze Event sentence examples within Extreme Haze Event

Heterogeneous SO2 Oxidation in Sulfate Formation by Photolysis of Particulate Nitrate

Mixed and intensive haze pollution during the transition period between autumn and winter in Beijing, China.

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Haze Event sentence examples within Winter Haze Event

Variation of airborne DNA mass ratio and fungal diversity in fine particles with day-night difference during an entire winter haze evolution process of Central China.

Integration of field observation and air quality modeling to characterize Beijing aerosol in different seasons.

Haze Event sentence examples within Typical Haze Event

Vertical evolution of black carbon characteristics and heating rate during a haze event in Beijing winter.

Study on pollution behavior and sulfate formation during the typical haze event in Nanjing with water soluble inorganic ions and sulfur isotopes

Predicting the Impact of Climate Change on Severe Wintertime Particulate Pollution Events in Beijing Using Extreme Value Theory

Effectiveness of short-term air quality emission controls: a high-resolution model study of Beijing during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit period

Observation of nitrate dominant PM 2.5 and particle pH elevation in urban Beijing during the winter of 2017

Heavy Particulate Matter Pollution during the 2014–2015 Winter in Tianjin, China

Molecular markers of biomass burning and primary biological aerosols in urban Beijing: size distribution and seasonal variation

Climate modulation of Niño3.4 SST-anomalies on air quality change in southern China: Application to seasonal forecast of haze pollution

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A modeling study of the peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN) during a wintertime haze event in Beijing, China.

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VOC characteristics, sources and contributions to SOA formation during haze events in Wuhan, Central China.

The combined effect of two westerly jet waveguides on heavy haze in the North China Plain in November and December 2015

Editorial: Can the Health Implications of Land-use Change Drive Sustainability?

Exploring the influence of two inventories on simulated air pollutants during winter over the Yangtze River Delta

Potential impacts of Arctic warming on Northern Hemisphere mid-latitude aerosol optical depth

Interactive comment on “ Assessing the formation and evolution mechanisms of severe haze pollution in Beijing − Tianjin − Hebei region by using process analysis ”

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Characteristics and secondary formation of water-soluble organic acids in PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 in Beijing during haze episodes.

Enhanced heterogeneous uptake of sulfur dioxide on mineral particles through modification of iron speciation during simulated cloud processing

Photochemical impacts of haze pollution in an urban environment

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Characterization of particulate-bound polycyclic aromatic compounds (PACs) and their oxidations in heavy polluted atmosphere: A case study in urban Beijing, China during haze events.

Photochemical impacts of haze pollution in an urban environment

Significantly Enhanced Aerosol CCN Activity and Number Concentrations by Nucleation‐Initiated Haze Events: A Case Study in Urban Beijing

Aerosol hygroscopic growth, contributing factors, and impact on haze events in a severely polluted region in northern China

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Haze Event 연무 이벤트

Haze Event 연무 이벤트
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