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Relativity: Towards a New Interpretation

Black Holes: A Different Perspective

Drift of suspended single-domain nanoparticles in a harmonically oscillating gradient magnetic field

Deformation of an Inviscid Magnetizable Liquid Drop in a Non-Stationary Magnetic Field

The Half-Range Moment Method in Harmonically Oscillating Rarefied Gas Flows

Conventional Partial and Complete Solutions of the Fundamental Equations of Fluid Mechanics in the Problem of Periodic Internal Waves with Accompanying Ligaments Generation

Manipulation of Miniature and Microminiature Bodies on a Harmonically Oscillating Platform by Controlling Dry Friction

Relativity: Towards a New Interpretation

A Virtual Accelerometer Array Using One Device Based on Time Domain Measurement

Discrete time quasicrystals

Propulsion performance of a two-dimensional flapping airfoil with wake map and dynamic mode decomposition analysis.

Experimental Study of Fire Plume Above a Fire Source with Simple Harmonic Oscillation in Horizontal Direction

Laser induced distortion of band structure in solids: an analytic model

Parametric Modal Decomposition of Dynamic Stall

Black Holes: A Different Perspective

Wake vortex regimes of a pitching cantilever plate in quiescent air and their correlation with mean flow generation

Absolute and pixel-wise measurements of vibration amplitudes using time-averaged digital holography

Towards a New Concept of Closed System: From the Oscillating Universe to the EM-Drive

Influence of Harmonic Perturbation on Speed of Billiard Particle as Combination of Deterministic Acceleration and White Noise

Intelligent computing for Duffing-Harmonic oscillator equation via the bio-evolutionary optimization algorithm

Flow-induced vortex field generated by a thin oscillating plate in an aeroacoustics framework

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Harmonically Oscillating 조화롭게 진동하는

Harmonically Oscillating 조화롭게 진동하는
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