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Altered postural stability in elderly women following a single session of head-mounted display virtual reality

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The effect of mechanical behavior on bendability of ultrahigh-strength steel

Friction in the contact between skin and a soft counter material: Effects of hardness and surface finish.

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A novel nanoindentation protocol to characterize surface free energy of superhydrophobic nanopatterned materials

Riverine microplastic and microbial community compositions: A field study in the netherlands.

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Hard Surface sentence examples within hard surface layer

A Near-Surface Layer Heat Treatment of Die Casting Dies by Means of Electron-Beam Technology

High-temperature deformation behaviour of duplex stainless steel with hard boronised layer

Hard Surface sentence examples within hard surface cleaning

The effect of cotton fiber inclusion on the hard surface cleaning capacity of nonwoven substrates

Solid-Liquid-Liquid Wettability of Surfactant-Oil-Water Systems and Its Prediction around the Phase Inversion Point.

Epidemiological Profile of Pressure Ulcers in the Emergency Department of the University Hospital Center of Hospital du Mali

Hard–Soft Groove Gap Waveguide Based on Perpendicularly Stacked Corrugated Metal Plates

Soft Capsule Magnetic Millirobots for Region-Specific Drug Delivery in the Central Nervous System

Forehead temperatures as an indicator of outdoor thermal comfort and the influence of tree shade

[A screening study of non-suicidal forms self-injurious behavior in persons of draft age].

Modulation of Curvature of Soft Ball by Facing Motion

Working With Nature Approaches for the Creation of Soft Intertidal Habitats

A Study of Recent Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis

Co-Occurrence of Domestic Dogs and Gastropod Molluscs in Public Dog-Walking Spaces and Implications for Infection with Angiostrongylus vasorum: A Preliminary Study

Environmental modeling of landscape aesthetic value in natural urban parks using artificial neural network technique

Clinicopathologic features of forehead prayer marks in Kano, Northwest Nigeria

Influence of anti-ice chemicals on reduction of strength properties of cement concrete


Automatic measurement of pressure ulcers using Support Vector Machines and GrabCut

RNASeq analysis of a Pax3-expressing myoblast clone in-vitro and effect of culture surface stiffness on differentiation

Prefrontal Cortex Activation Measured during Different Footwear and Ground Conditions Using fNIRS — A Case Study

Modeling the potential impact of indirect transmission on COVID-19 epidemic


Advective Accretion onto a Nonspherical Accretor in White Dwarf and Neutron Star Binaries: A New Scenario of Shock Formation

Laser Surface Modification of TC21 (α/β) Titanium Alloy Using a Direct Energy Deposition (DED) Process

Postural control during dual task in adolescent cochlear implant users under on/off-device conditions

Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water and Its Applications as Sanitation and Cleaning Agent

Large scale sand saltation over hard surface: a controlled experiment in still air

Plantar Fasciitis: Orthobiologics

Possible impacts of non-native plant, pathogen, invertebrate and fish taxa on the indigenous ichthyofauna in South African estuaries: a preliminary review

Using robotics to detect footpath displacement caused by tree roots: A proof of concept

An evolutionary estuarine incursion: molecular differentiation and niche separation in Bornean Indothais snails (Rapaninae, Muricidae)

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WeMos IoT Controller-Based Low-Cost Fall Detection System for Elderly Users

Effects of the Addition of Titanium Dioxide; Sodium Silicate and Silica Nanoparticles on the Elimination of Bacteria and Viruses in a Physical Field

Potential for cross-contamination of diatom DNA samples when using toothbrushes

Chemical profiling of dispersed fentanyl analogues sampled from indoor surfaces using multivariate data classification to determine synthesis methods

Comparison of a low carbon steel processed by Cold Rolling (CR) and Asymmetrical Rolling (ASR): Heterogeneity in strain path, texture, microstructure and mechanical properties

Mathematical modeling of the surface roughness of the grinding wheel during straightening

Morphological characterization using scanning electron microscopy of fly artifacts deposited by Calliphora vomitoria (Diptera: Calliphoridae) on household materials

Experimental investigation on the dynamic wetting of deformable substrates: Influence of the rheology of substrate and wetting liquid and external body force

Analysis of serve and serve return on different surfaces in elite tennis players

Endoscopic treatment for a giant gastric bezoar: Sequential use of electrohydraulic lithotripsy, alligator forceps, and snares

Effects of air mattress pressure on sleep quality and physiological responses: comparison of shoulder and hip pressure relief

Intraparticle and Interparticle Transferable DNA Walker Supported by DNA Micelles for Rapid Detection of MicroRNA.

Procedimentos de enfermagem no paciente portador de úlcera de pressão

Gambaran Perilaku Pemeliharaan Kesehatan Gigi Mulut dan Indeks Plak Siswa SD Katolik Wori

A contribution to full-scale high fidelity aircraft progressive dynamic damage modelling for certification by analysis

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Protecting machinery parts against the loss of surface

Synthesis and characterization of novel Cu, Cu-SiC functionally graded coating by pulse reverse electrodeposition

Electrochemical Erasing Using a Polymer Lithography Editor for the Fabrication of Photoactive Devices

Effect of fluoroscopically guided corticosteroid injection versus oral nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for treatment of coccydynia: A randomized, controlled, single-blind study

Kinematic and dynamic simulation of an octopod robot controlled by different central pattern generators

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Toward a Salt Marsh Management Plan for New York City: Recommendations for Strategic Restoration and Protection

Comparison of walking characteristics in functional ambulators individuals with spinal cord injury and able-bodied individuals as measured by parameters extracted from wearable sensors

Various surfaces challenge gait characteristics of ambulatory patients with spinal cord injury

Measurement of the Width of Ischial Tuberosity for Indian Male Motorcycle Users

Impact of Low-Income Home Energy-Efficiency Retrofits on Building Air Tightness and Healthy Home Indicators

Efficient clearance of intractable biliary calculi by combination of mechanical clamping and electrohydraulic lithotripsy

Wave interaction with a perfect electromagnetic conductor half-plane between two dissimilar media

The Effects of Coordination Trainings on Different Surfaces on the Slalom Downhill Speed Velocity of Snowboarders

Colonisation of plastic pellets (nurdles) by E. coli at public bathing beaches.

Worm-Like Soft Robot for Complicated Tubular Environments.

A comparison of the length and width of static inked two-dimensional bare footprints found on a hard compared to a soft surface.

Wear properties of poly-ether-ether-ketone bearing combinations under zero and cross shear kinematics in total knee arthroplasty.

Surface Detection of THC Attributable to Vaporizer Use in the Indoor Environment