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Low-Latency Strategies for Service Migration in Fog Computing Enabled Cellular Networks

SFP-based vertical handover with MIH services for integrated Wi-Fi and WIMAX networks

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A Self-Optimizing Technique Based on Vertical Handover for Load Balancing in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks Using Big Data Analytics

Location-Based Discovery and Vertical Handover in Heterogeneous Low-Power Wide-Area Networks

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Handover Procedure Design and Performance Optimization Strategy in LEO-HAP System

PPSHA: Privacy preserving secure handover authentication scheme for all application scenarios in LTE-A networks

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Modeling and Evaluation of Software Defined Networking Based 5G Core Network Architecture

Fast Adaptive Handover using Fuzzy Logic for 5G Communications on High Speed Trains

Application specific thresholding scheme for handover reduction in 5G Ultra Dense Networks

Flexible and Distributed Mobility Management for Integrated Terrestrial-Satellite Networks: Challenges, Architectures, and Approaches

A Hybrid User Mobility Prediction Approach for Handover Management in Mobile Networks

A Secure Authentication Protocol with Performance Enhancements for 4G LTE/LTE-A Wireless Networks

Handover in LTE networks

A Novel Anchor Selection Scheme for Distributed Mobility Management

Trends of Human-Robot Collaboration in Industry Contexts: Handover, Learning, and Metrics

A dramaturgical analysis of a paediatric team handover

Feasibility of LTE for Train Control in Subway Environments Based on Experimental Data

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Soft Self-Handover Scheme for mmWave Communications

Significance Risks Evaluation of Commercial Construction Projects

Simulation Framework for Realization of Horizontal Handover in Li-Fi Indoor Network

Spectrum Sharing in Satellite-Mobile Multisystem Using 3D In-Building Small Cells for High Spectral and Energy Efficiencies in 5G and Beyond Era

Mobility Management as a Radio Access Network Service

Reducing Signal Overload by Disconnection Tolerant Voice Service in Heterogeneous Networks

Monitoring of Construction Projects Feasibility by Bank Investment Supervision Approach

Clustering based Cloud Radio Access Networks for 5G Smart Systems

Cell Crossing Probability and Location-Based Handover in Hybrid Mobile Networks

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Route-Aware Handover Enhancement for Drones in Cellular Networks

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Handover Procedure 인계 절차

Handover Procedure 인계 절차
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