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Effect of anti-hail nets with different colors on ‘Eva’ apple trees agronomical responses

Spatial and temporal variability of hail falls and estimation of maximum diameter from meteorological variables

A Study of the Effects of Rain, Snow and Hail on the Atmospheric Electric Field near Ground

Some Thoughts on Modelling Hail Impact on Surfaces

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Modifikasi Metode Waldvogel Berdasarkan Identifikasi Karakteristik Hujan Es Yang Dikelompokkan Berdasarkan Jarak Cakupan Radar Cuaca Pada Radar Cuaca Jakarta Tahun 2010-2019

Global Ensemble Forecast System (GEFS) Predictions of Days 1–15 U.S. Tornado and Hail Frequencies

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A comprehensive multi sensor study of spatio-temporal variation of hail occurrence and their size over the north eastern part of India

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Hail Events 우박 이벤트

Hail Events 우박 이벤트
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