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Evolution of the melt source during protracted crustal anatexis: An example from the Bhutan Himalaya

Building Mesoarchaean crust upon Eoarchaean roots: the Akia Terrane, West Greenland

Determination of the isotopic composition of hafnium using MC-ICPMS

Harmonic hierarchy of mantle and lithospheric convective cycles: Time series analysis of hafnium isotopes of zircon

Formation of lower to middle crust of the Wyoming Craton, Montana (USA), using evidence from zircon Hf-O isotopic and trace element compositions

Low-δ18O zircon xenocrysts in alkaline basalts; a window into the complex carbonatite-metasomatic history of the Zealandia lithospheric mantle

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Hafnium Isotope 하프늄 동위원소

Hafnium Isotope 하프늄 동위원소
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