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CO Preferential Oxidation in a Microchannel Reactor Using a Ru-Cs/Al2O3 Catalyst: Experimentation and CFD Modelling

Techno-economic and carbon footprint feasibility assessment for polygeneration process of carbon-capture coal-to-methanol/power and molten carbonate fuel cell

Study on hydrogen-rich gas production by biomass catalytic pyrolysis assisted with magnetic field

Molten salt pyrolysis of biomass: The evaluation of molten salt

Tunable syngas production from two-stage sorption-enhanced steam gasification of sewage sludge

Enhanced Activity for CO Preferential Oxidation over CuO Catalysts Supported on Nanosized CeO2 with High Surface Area and Defects

Coupling hydrothermal carbonization of digestate and supercritical water gasification of liquid products

Support and gas environment effects on the preferential oxidation of carbon monoxide over Co3O4 catalysts studied in situ

On-site hydrogen production using heavy naphtha by maximizing the hydrogen output of a membrane reactor system

Decarbonizing cement plants via a fully integrated calcium looping-molten carbonate fuel cell process: Assessment of a model for fuel cell performance predictions under different operating conditions

Kinetics and Reactor Design Aspects of Selective Methanation of CO over a Ru/γ-Al2O3 Catalyst in CO2/H2 Rich Gases

Fluidized bed reactor assisted by Oxygen Transport Membranes: Numerical simulation and experimental hydrodynamic study

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H2 Rich Gas H2 농후 가스

H2 Rich Gas H2 농후 가스
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