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The influence of infill density gradient on the mechanical properties of PLA optimized structures by additive manufacturing

Computational fluid dynamics simulation for carbon dioxide gas transport through polydimethylsiloxane membrane with gyroid structure

Visualizing the double-gyroid twin

3D printed tricalcium phosphate-bioglass scaffold with gyroid structure enhance bone ingrowth in challenging bone defect treatment

Mechanical Properties of Porous Structures for Dental Implants: Experimental Study and Computational Homogenization

Additive manufacturing of biomorphic scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

3D printing of TPMS structural ZnO ceramics with good mechanical properties

High strength porous PLA gyroid scaffolds manufactured via fused deposition modeling for tissue-engineering applications

Mechanical properties of 3D printed ceramic cellular materials with triply periodic minimal surface architectures

Atomistic investigation on the mechanical properties of 3D nanoporous metallic glasses under uniaxial tension and compression

Gyroid-structured Au–Ag periodic bimetal materials for ultrasensitive SERS detection

Fabrication of Open-Pore Biodegradable Magnesium Alloy Scaffold via Infiltration Technique

Compressive behavior of selective laser melting printed Gyroid structures under dynamic loading

Digital design computing and modelling for 3-D concrete printing

An investigation of the strength and stiffness of weight-saving sandwich beams with CFRP face sheets and seven 3D printed cores

Fatigue behavior of As-built selective laser melted titanium scaffolds with sheet-based gyroid microarchitecture for bone tissue engineering.

Following the nucleation pathway from disordered liquid to gyroid mesophase.

Comparison of Mechanical Properties and Energy Absorption of Sheet-Based and Strut-Based Gyroid Cellular Structures with Graded Densities

Digital Light Processing of Freeze-cast Ceramic Layers for Macroporous Calcium Phosphate Scaffolds with Tailored Microporous Frameworks

Effect of geometry on the mechanical properties of Ti-6Al-4V Gyroid structures fabricated via SLM: A numerical study

Gyroid structures for 3D-printed heterogeneous radiotherapy phantoms.

Topological defects in tubular network block copolymers

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Gyroid Structure 자이로이드 구조

Gyroid Structure 자이로이드 구조
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