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Procalcitonin to stop antibiotics after cardiovascular surgery in a pediatric intensive care unit—The PROSACAB study

Time-to-isolation-guided cryoballoon ablation reduces oesophageal and mediastinal alterations detected by endoscopic ultrasound: results of the MADE-PVI trial.

Topography-Guided Ablation Targeting the Anterior Corneal Astigmatism Yields Inferior Outcomes vs Targeting the Manifest Refractive Astigmatism.

Procalcitonin‐guided protocol decreased the antibiotic use in paediatric patients with severe bronchiolitis

The role of the pre-commissural fornix in episodic autobiographical memory and simulation

MARTINI-Based Protein-DNA Coarse-Grained HADDOCKing

Individualized Antithrombotic Therapy in Heartware HVAD Recipients

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Guided Protocol 가이드 프로토콜

Guided Protocol 가이드 프로토콜
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