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Guidance Scheme sentence examples within Cooperative Guidance Scheme

Finite-Time Cooperative Guidance Strategy for Impact Angle and Time Control

Passenger Cooperative Guidance System for Urban Rail Transit Stations*

Guidance Scheme sentence examples within Proposed Guidance Scheme

Re-entry trajectory design for reusable spaceplane of tourist class

Three-dimensional suboptimal nonlinear impact time guidance against non-maneuvering target

Guidance Scheme sentence examples within Sight Guidance Scheme

Output-Feedback Control for Cooperative Diving of Saucer-Type Underwater Gliders Based on a Fuzzy Observer and Event-Triggered Communication

Antidisturbance Coordinated Path Following Control of Robotic Autonomous Surface Vehicles: Theory and Experiment

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Guidance Scheme sentence examples within Reentry Guidance Scheme

Guidance Algorithm for Reentry Vehicle Considering Target Maneuvering and No-fly Zone Constraints

Time-coordinated reentry guidance law for reusable launch vehicle

Guidance Scheme sentence examples within Two Guidance Scheme

Fuel-optimal and Energy-optimal guidance schemes for lunar soft landing at a desired location

Partial integrated guidance and control design for supersonic missile based on disturbance rejection

Three-dimensional cooperative interception guidance law with impact time constraint

A unified structure for basic guidance laws of moving objects

Fabrication and analysis of broadband chirped volume Bragg grating

Research on 2.4 GHz Wireless Channel Propagation Characteristics in a Steel Ship Cabin

Observer design for parabolic PDE system based on mobile sensor with random measurement delays

An Adaptive Fuzzy Reinforcement Learning Cooperative Approach for the Autonomous Control of Flock Systems

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Cooperative Guidance Scheme for Flight of Multiple Combat UA Vs against a Non-Accelerating Moving Target

A Novel Haptic Based Guidance Scheme for Swarm of Magnetic Nanoparticles Steering

Suboptimal Sliding Mode-based Heading and Speed Guidance Scheme for Boundary Tracking with Autonomous Vehicle

Controlling 2D PDEs using mobile collocated actuators-sensors and their simultaneous guidance constrained over path-dependent reachability regions

Low thrust Earth-Moon transfer trajectories via lunar capture set

Aerial monitoring of slow moving convoys using elliptical orbits

Sliding mode control for path planning guidance of marine vehicles

A 3D pitch and impact-angle constrained guidance scheme

Density-based Pattern Control For Spacecraft Swarms Around Circular Orbits

Robust Bang-Off-Bang Low-Thrust Guidance Using Model Predictive Static Programming

Adaptive back-stepping sliding mode guidance laws with autopilot dynamics and acceleration saturation consideration

Mars Powered Descent Phase Guidance Design Based on Fixed-Time Stabilization Technique

An assisted telemanipulation approach: combining autonomous grasp planning with haptic cues

Dynamic pressure based mid-course guidance scheme for hypersonic boost-glide vehicle

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[Reliability of modified Rankin Scale assessment with a Japanese version of simplified modified Rankin Scale Questionnaire (J-RASQ)].

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Guidance Scheme 안내 체계

Guidance Scheme 안내 체계
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