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Orthographic and Morphological Masked Priming Effects in Arabic: Evidence from Lexical Decision Task in Children with and Without Dyslexia

A Randomized, Controlled Trial of Vitamin D Supplementation on Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Hormones, and Liver Markers in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

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Monitoring outcomes in children with acquired brain injury (ABI): a Persian validation study of Child and Family Follow-up Survey (CFFS).

A measure of cognitions specific to seasonal depression: Development and validation of the Seasonal Beliefs Questionnaire.

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Effects of Multiple Sprint Test on Average Speed and Exercise Heart Rate in Amateur Soccer Players

Association of Deficiency of Maternal Vitamin D Levels with Severity of Preeclampsia

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Effects of Resisted Sprint With Changes of Direction Training Through Several Relative Loads on Physical Performance in Soccer Players.

Evaluating the Reliability and Validity of the Children’s Vitality-Relaxation Scale

Analysis of Dental Arch in Children With Oral Cleft Before and After the Primary Surgeries.

Added value of gluteus medius and quadratus lumborum dry needling in improving knee pain and function in female athletes with patellofemoral pain: a randomized clinical trial.

Effects of Deciphering in Piano Education Based on Work Analysis

Efficacy and safety of treatment of chronic hepatitis C with sofosbuvir and ribavirin with or without peginterferon: a French prospective real-life cohort study of unselected 211 patients.

Worksite Energy Cost Assessment in Non-surgical versus Surgical Medical Residency Programs

Does change in isolated lumbar extensor muscle function correlate with good clinical outcome? A secondary analysis of data on change in isolated lumbar extension strength, pain, and disability in chronic low back pain

Reliability of Real-Time Sonoelastography in the Diagnosis of Supraspinatus Tendinopathy.

The After-Effects of Theta Burst Stimulation Over the Cortex of the Suprahyoid Muscle on Regional Homogeneity in Healthy Subjects

Effects of Elastic band Exercise Using Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation on strength and Dynamic Balance of Adults with Ankle Instability

Stability of Three Different Sanitary Shoes on Healthcare Workers: A Cross-Sectional Study

How the Tracking of Habitual Rate Influences Speech Perception

The effect of understanding phrase-meaning relationship through digital storytelling on academic achievement and retention

Dimensional clinical personality inventory-2: investigating key factors on the assessment of dependent personality disorder

Influence of kinesiophobia and pain catastrophism on objective function in women with patellofemoral pain.

Translation and validation of the Korean version of the Diabetic Foot Ulcer Scale‐Short Form

Effect of integrated complimentary therapies on physical and psychological variables of patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis: A pilot feasibility study


Pharmacodynamic evaluation of dexmedetomidine as an additive drug to bupivacaine in ultrasound-guided interscalene brachial plexus block

The Iranian version of geriatric anxiety inventory (GAI-P): a validation study

The Caregivers Quality of Life Cancer-Index (CQOL-C) in Spain: An Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis for Caregivers of Ambulatory and Hospitalized Patients With Cancer

Noninvasive Ventilation during Left Atrial appendage closure under sedation: Preliminary experience with the Janus Mask

Concerns on modeling postmenopausal osteoporosis on young female rats

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Abstract P1-15-24: Randomized phase II trial to evaluate chemoradiotherapy vs radiotherapy among non-responders breast cancer patients treated with chemotherapy

Role modelling in the training of hospital-based medical specialists: a validation study of the Role Model Apperception Tool (RoMAT)

Comparing individual raptor species and coarse taxonomic groups as biodiversity surrogates in desert ecosystems

Effects of Osteopathic Visceral Treatment in Patients with Gastroesophageal Reflux: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Premorbid migraine history as a risk factor for vestibular and oculomotor baseline concussion assessment in pediatric athletes.

The impact of bilingualism on executive functions and working memory in young adults

Effects of physical exercises on inflammatory biomarkers and cardiopulmonary function in patients living with HIV: a systematic review with meta-analysis

The Intersectional Discrimination Index: Development and validation of measures of self-reported enacted and anticipated discrimination for intercategorical analysis.

Assessing Emotional Functioning with Increased Power: Relative Validity of a Customized EORTC Short Form in the International ACTION Trial.

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Groups Comparison 그룹 비교

Groups Comparison 그룹 비교
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