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A Case for Social Change in Iran: Greater Support and Mobilization Potential for Nonviolent Than Violent Social Movements

Social Movements And The Role Of Media In Collaborative Knowledge Construction

The Green Movement and the Ordeal of Democracy

Determinants of Green Banking Adoption: A Theoretical Framework

Green infrastructure as a disease prevention and rehabilitation tool

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Green human resource management and environmental sustainability

Citizen’s Participation Through E-Petition: New Wave of Green Movement in Indonesia

Reformism and Political Participation in Iran

Measuring Green Marketing Strategy for Resort Spa in Bali

The relevance of green practices worldwide: an overview

Zahra’s Paradise: the virtual technics and political potential of subjective (dis)orientation

Miguel Delibes’ Green Dilemma: ‘USA y yo’ versus ‘Un Mundo Que Agoniza’

Iran: Generation Post-Revolution

Sincerity as Strategy: Green Movements and the Problem of Reconciling Deliberative and Instrumental Action

A Retrospective and Foresight: Bibliometric Review of International Research on Strategic Management for Sustainability, 1991–2019

Let us ‘bring back the forest’

Zahra’s Paradise: the virtual technics and political potential of subjective (dis)orientation

The joys and frustrations of an environmental law-maker

Alles fließt. Von einem künstlerischen Widerhall des Ökofeminismus im Kontext des Neuen Materialismus

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Green Movement 녹색운동

Green Movement 녹색운동
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