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Gray Model sentence examples within cumulative incidence function

Disability-free survival after major cardiac surgery: a population-based retrospective cohort study

Subjective cognitive complaints and permanent work disability: a prospective cohort study

Gray Model sentence examples within subdistribution hazard ratio

The effects of comorbidity on colorectal cancer mortality in an Australian cancer population

358. HIV Infection and the Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Patients with Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Co-infection: a Propensity Score-matched Cohort Study

Gray Model sentence examples within cause specific mortality

Effect of Metformin and Lifestyle Interventions on Mortality in the Diabetes Prevention Program and Diabetes Prevention Program Outcomes Study.

Effect of Metformin and Lifestyle Interventions on Mortality in the Diabetes Prevention Program and Diabetes Prevention Program Outcomes Study

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Gray Model sentence examples within 95 % confidence

Incidence and Risk Factors of Pannus after Mechanical Aortic Valve Replacement.

Associations between stroke type, stroke severity, and pre-stroke osteoporosis with the risk of post-stroke fracture: A nationwide population-based study

Gray Model sentence examples within cancer specific survival

Pleural recurrence after transthoracic needle lung biopsy in stage I lung cancer: a systematic review and individual patient-level meta-analysis

Prognostic Utility of Pretreatment Neutrophil-Lymphocyte Ratio in Advanced Larynx Cancer

Gray Model sentence examples within primary end point

Risk of major adverse cardiovascular events in patients initiating biologics/apremilast for psoriatic arthritis: a nationwide cohort study.

Risk of inflammatory bowel disease in patients with psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis initiating interleukin 17 inhibitors: a nationwide population-based study using the French national health data system.

Gray Model sentence examples within bladder cancer specific

Patterns of Failure After Definitive Chemoradiation for Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer.

Factors Associated With Treatment Discontinuation in Patients With Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer Undergoing Chemoradiation.

Gray Model sentence examples within neural network model


Gray Model sentence examples within proportional hazard regression

Clinico-pathological significance of suspicious peritoneal cytology in endometrial cancer

Gray Model sentence examples within Traditional Gray Model

Using Gray-Markov Model and Time Series Model to Predict Foreign Direct Investment Trend for Supporting China’s Economic Development

Grey Markov Model Prediction Method for Regular Pedestrian Movement Trend

Gray Model sentence examples within gray model showed

Treatment response after palliative radiotherapy for bleeding gastric cancer: a multicenter prospective observational study (JROSG 17-3)

Assessment of Treatment Response and Re-Bleeding After Palliative Radiation Therapy for Bleeding Gastric Cancer: A Longitudinal Multicenter Prospective Observational Study.

Gray Model sentence examples within gray model revealed

Influence of pain duration on pain outcomes following palliative radiotherapy for painful tumors: the sooner the irradiation, the better?

The Effect of a Cancer History on Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention.

Gray Model sentence examples within gray model estimate

Subjective cognitive complaints and permanent work disability: a prospective cohort study

Self-reported health problems in a health risk appraisal predict permanent work disability: a prospective cohort study of 22,023 employees from different sectors in Finland with up to 6-year follow-up

Gray Model sentence examples within gray model accounting

Predictors of subsequent pregnancy following medical treatment in obese women with complex atypical hyperplasia

Competing risks analysis of time-to-event data for cardiovascular surgeons.

Gray Model sentence examples within gray model method

The measurement of green finance index and the development forecast of green finance in China

Forecast and Model Establishment of Urban Rail - Transit Passenger Flow

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Suicide and Accidental Death Among Women with Primary Ovarian Cancer: A population-based study

Osteoprotegerin is a marker of cardiovascular mortality in patients with chronic kidney disease stages 3–5

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Long-term competing risks for overall and cause-specific failure of rotating-hinge distal femoral arthroplasty for tumour reconstruction.

Long-term SST Prediction Based on RSST-ARGM

Survival analysis and influence of the surgical aggression of a cohort of orthopedic and trauma patients in a non-controlled spread COVID-19 scenario

RSST-ARGM: A Data-Driven Approach to Long-term Sea Surface Temperature Prediction

Infectious events in patients with severe COVID-19: results of a cohort of patients with high prevalence of underlying immune defect

Prevalence and Prognostic Implications of Diabetes With Cardiomyopathy in Community-Dwelling Adults.


Female sex as an independent predictor of high bleeding risk among East Asian percutaneous coronary intervention patients: A sex difference analysis.

CKD Progression From the Time of Estimated GFR-Based Waitlist Eligibility and Racial Disparities in Transplant Access.

The association of APOE ε4 with cognitive function over the adult life course and incidence of dementia: 20 years follow-up of the Whitehall II study

Beyond Runaway: Initiation of the Post-runaway Greenhouse State on Rocky Exoplanets

Quantitative identification and evolution trend simulation of shrinking cities at the county scale, China

Prostate Cancer Survival and Mortality according to a 13-year retrospective cohort study in Brazil: Competing-Risk Analysis.

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Forecasting of Provincial Tourist Population based on Grey Neural Network

Ineligible and Incomplete Cisplatin Regimens in Chemoradiation Treatment for Patients With Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer: A Population for Survival Improvement.

Research on Prediction Accuracy of Coal Mine Gas Emission Based on Grey Prediction Model

Renal Recovery and Mortality Risk among Patients with Hepatorenal Syndrome Receiving Chronic Maintenance Dialysis

Usefulness of Rhythm Monitoring Following Acute Ischemic Stroke.

Association between Longer Travel Distance for Transplant Care and Access to Kidney Transplantation and Graft Survival in the United States.

Herpesvirus reactivation during severe COVID-19 and high rate of immune defect

Attributable mortality of ICU acquired bloodstream infections: a propensity-score matched analysis

Gray in Muhasebe Değerleri Üzerine Ampirik Bir Değerlendirme (An Empiric Assesment on The Accounting Values of Gray)

Relationship between SARS-CoV-2 infection and the incidence of ventilator-associated lower respiratory tract infections: a European multicenter cohort study

Outcome of breast cancer patients with low hormone receptor positivity: Analysis of a 15-year population-based cohort.

Allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for chronic myelomonocytic leukemia: Clinical and molecular genetic prognostic factors in a Nordic population.

Prediction and Allocation of EDP Based on Gray Model and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Relevance of Spontaneous Portosystemic Shunts Detected with CT in Patients with Cirrhosis.

Fresh Unstable Trochanteric Fracture in Elderly Patients: Mortality, Readmission and Reoperation After Primary Hemiarthroplasty

Living alone as a risk factor for cancer incidence, case-fatality and all-cause mortality: A nationwide registry study

Periprosthetic fractures of hip and knee-A morbidity and mortality analysis.

Primary hemiarthroplasty after unstable trochanteric fracture in elderly patients: mortality, readmission and reoperation

Prognostic index for estimating the survival benefit of postoperative radiotherapy in pathologic N2 non-small cell lung cancer: A real-world validation study.

Risk of Venous Thromboembolism in Grade II–IV Gliomas as a Function of Molecular Subtype

Chemotherapy After Diagnosis of Malignant Bowel Obstruction is Associated with Superior Survival for Medicare Patients with Advanced Malignancy

Research on Reservoir Water Quality Prediction Based on Grey Model

Mortality, Kidney Failure, and Hospitalization Among Medicare Beneficiaries With CKD and Pulmonary Hypertension.

Energy management strategy of intelligent plug-in split hybrid electric vehicle based on deep reinforcement learning with optimized path planning algorithm

Relationship between obesity and ventilator-associated pneumonia: a post-hoc analysis of the NUTRIREA2 trial.

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Non-fatal self-injury after a diagnosis of cancer: A population-based study.

Association of Prestroke Glycemic Control With Vascular Events During 1-Year Follow-up

Impact of Radiation on Cardiovascular Outcomes in Older Resectable Esophageal Cancer Patients With Medicare


Rate of Progression of Aortic Stenosis in Patients With Cancer

Community-based progress indicators for prevention of mother-to-child transmission and mortality rates in HIV-exposed children in rural Mozambique

Anatomical resections are superior to wedge resections for overall survival in patients with Stage 1 typical carcinoids†

Spectral radiative entropy generation in a non-gray planar participating medium including H2O and CO2

Effectiveness and safety of standard and reduced dosages of dabigatran versus rivaroxaban in non-valvular atrial fibrillation: A cohort study in the SNDS French nationwide claims database

Comparative effectiveness of combined favipiravir and oseltamivir therapy versus oseltamivir monotherapy in critically ill patients with influenza virus infection.

Competing risks and cause-specific mortality in patients with pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors

208. Early Infectious Disease Consultation is Associated with Lower Mortality in Patients with Severe Sepsis or Septic Shock who Complete the 3-hour Sepsis Bundle

A simplified CFD model for spectral radiative heat transfer in high-pressure hydrocarbon-air combustion systems

Liver stiffness and fibrosis-4 alone better predict liver events compared with aspartate aminotransferase to platelet ratio index in a cohort of human immunodeficiency virus and hepatitis C virus co-infected patients from ANRS CO13 HEPAVIH cohort.

The Epidemiology of Fracture in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke in Korea

Is Chronic Kidney Disease Progression Influenced by the Type of Renin-Angiotensin-System Blocker Used?

Patterns of peritoneal dialysis catheter practices and technique failure in peritoneal dialysis: A nationwide cohort study

Prediction on landslide displacement using a new combination model: a case study of Qinglong landslide in China

Socio-demographic and clinical risk factors of treatment-resistant depression: A Danish population-based cohort study.

A competing-risks nomogram and recursive partitioning analysis for cause-specific mortality in patients with esophageal neuroendocrine carcinoma.

Computer simulation and system realization of jacquard weft-knitted fabric

Risk of Biologics and Glucocorticoids in Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis Undergoing Arthroplasty

A note on competing risks in analyses of cancer‐specific mortality

Daily hemodialysis practices in Australia/New Zealand and in France: a comparative cohort study

Risk of dementia following androgen deprivation therapy for treatment of prostate cancer

An Optimal Model based on Multifactors for Container Throughput Forecasting

A full spectrum k-distribution based non-gray radiative property model for unburnt char

Sustainable Development of New Urbanization from the Perspective of Coordination: A New Complex System of Urbanization‒Technology Innovation and the Atmospheric Environment

Impact of Insurance Status on Stage, Treatment, and Survival in Patients with Colorectal Cancer: A Population-Based Analysis

High-speed rail network in China: the contribution of fast trains to regional tourism and economic development

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