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Graph Structures sentence examples within Different Graph Structures

Conditional Random Field Features and Structure Assessment for Digital Terrain Modeling

Knowledge-Enhanced Graph Attention Network for Fact Verification

Graph Structures sentence examples within Fuzzy Graph Structures

On Graph Structures in Fuzzy Environment Using Optimization Parameter

Decision-making analysis based on q-rung picture fuzzy graph structures

Graph Structures sentence examples within Underlying Graph Structures

Characterizing Tractability of Simple Well-Designed Pattern Trees with Projection

Implementing graph-theoretic quantum algorithms on a silicon photonic quantum walk processor

Graph Structures sentence examples within Preserving Graph Structures

Variational Gridded Graph Convolution Network for Node Classification

Eigen-GNN: A Graph Structure Preserving Plug-in for GNNs

Graph Structures sentence examples within Scene Graph Structures

Semantic Aligned Multi-modal Transformer for Vision-LanguageUnderstanding: A Preliminary Study on Visual QA

GQA: A New Dataset for Real-World Visual Reasoning and Compositional Question Answering

Graph Structures sentence examples within Fitting Graph Structures

Graph Convolutional Networks in Feature Space for Image Deblurring and Super-resolution

Low- and High-level Methods for Tree Segmentation

Graph Structures sentence examples within Common Graph Structures

The interplay between communities and homophily in semi-supervised classification using graph neural networks

Functional network estimation using multigraph learning with application to brain maturation study

Graph Structures sentence examples within Variou Graph Structures

Maximum Votes Pareto-Efficient Allocations via Swaps on a Social Network

Structural Generalizability: The Case of Similarity Search

Graph Structures sentence examples within Complex Graph Structures

Fast and Effective Retrieval for Large Multimedia Collections

Semi-Supervised Deep Learning for Multiplex Networks

Graph Structures sentence examples within Local Graph Structures

Promoting Graph Awareness in Linearized Graph-to-Text Generation

Bipartite Graph Embedding via Mutual Information Maximization

Graph Structures sentence examples within graph structures directly

A Node Classification Approach for Dynamically Extracting the Structures of Online Discussions

Sampled in Pairs and Driven by Text: A New Graph Embedding Framework

AI-Based Semantic Multimedia Indexing and Retrieval for Social Media on Smartphones

Improving query performance on dynamic graphs

Lip Reading using Local-Adjacent Feature Extractor and Multi-Level Feature Fusion

Skeleton-based action recognition using sparse spatio-temporal GCN with edge effective resistance

Learning Graph Representations With Maximal Cliques.

Atypical sulcal pattern in boys with attention‐deficit/hyperactivity disorder

DE-GCN: Differential Evolution as an optimization algorithm for Graph Convolutional Networks

Sentence Boundary Detection in German Legal Documents

Towards multi-modal causability with Graph Neural Networks enabling information fusion for explainable AI

Graph Ranking Auditing: Problem Definition and Fast Solutions

M-Evolve: Structural-Mapping-Based Data Augmentation for Graph Classification

Multi-label classification with local pairwise and high-order label correlations using graph partitioning

Hypergraph-based Logistic Matrix Factorization for Metabolite-disease Interaction Prediction.

Trust Hardware Based Secured Privacy Preserving Computation System for Three-Dimensional Data

Missing data completion in wastewater network databases: the added-value of Graph Convolutional Neural Networks.

Temporal graph-based approach for behavioural entity classification

A Multi-Level Attention Model for Evidence-Based Fact Checking

Deterministic spatial search using alternating quantum walks

Vectorized instance segmentation using periodic B-splines based on cascade architecture

Graph Regularized Structured Output SVM for Early Expression Detection With Online Extension.

Matrix Approach to Formulate and Search k-ESS of Graphs Using the STP Theory

Accelerating Depth-First Traversal by Graph Ordering

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